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Could you get in contact with me, please. I'd very much like to hear about your experience. You can email me at shane at educatetruth dot com.

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The comment by Rad Yarjan has been deleted because of inappropriate language.

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I just talked to Larry yesterday on the phone, and he said there is no move to develop biology text books at the university level. Because professors have so much slack in what material they can use in their classes, he said the chances of many schools using it was slim.

Yes, it's a start, but I don't think it immediately addresses the current issue.

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From the sounds of it, your knowledge about the history of the flat earth theory hasn't evolved. I don't know what church you're referring to that killed scientists for saying that the earth was spherical, but since the 3rd centrury BC, most of the western world did not believe in a flat earth. There was one church called the Christian Cathloic Church that believed in the flat earth. I haven't read anything about them killing scientists. The idea that Christians during the 1500 century is a myth!

In regard to your other point, many of the scientists were Christian. Galileo thought the church was just misinterpreting the Bible. Your comparison to the Catholic church to the SDA church is without question  ludicrous. It's like comparing apples and oranges. One of the bigger differences being that the Catholic church had civil power, and did in fact kill people who they labelled heritics. People didn't really have a choice about it. Today, people can decide to be apart of the SDA church of their own free will. 

You're arguments are utter nonsense, and even more so because you're hiding behind a false name.  

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I hope you've taken a minute to sign the peition. Thanks for your comment.

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I actually have made a couple of attempts to get that information. La Sierra University has not responded to my request. I suppose I should be more persistant.

While I believe the physical evidence and the Bible do not support evolution, this whole issue is really about what the Church has decided to be one of its fundamental beliefs. This isn't a fringe belief, it's a core belief.

If I personally thought the church was wrong on this issue, which I think is an incredibly important issue, I'd probably leave the Adventist church. I think that would be the most honest thing for me to do because I see no compatibility with evolution and the Adventist worldview.

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Wow, a conference president speaks out! This is what is needed, more leaders to speak out. I hope other conference presidents will follow.

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Well there's at least three of us who do now. No, I know there are a lot more. Take a look at the couple thousand who have signed the petition. By the way Shaun, have you signed it yet?

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Amazingly, just about everyone opposing those who disagree with what LSU is teaching completely miss the point. They constantly fail to see how incongruous it is for a church to stand for one thing and teach another.

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I'd like to know how our Adventist science teachers deal with what Ellen White had to say on evolution. I thought this quotation from Education very interesting.

"When consideration is given to man's opportunities for research; how brief his life; how limited his sphere of action; how restricted his vision; how frequent and how great the errors in his conclusions, especially as concerns the events thought to antedate Bible history; how often the supposed deductions of science are revised or cast aside; with what readiness the assumed period of the earth's development is from time to time increased or diminished by millions of years; and how the theories advanced by different scientists conflict with one another, --considering all this, shall we, for the privilege of tracing our descent from germs and mollusks and apes, consent to cast away that statement of Holy Writ, so grand in its simplicity, "God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him"? Genesis 1:27. Shall we reject that genealogical record,--prouder than any treasured in the courts of kings,--"which was the son of Adam, which was the son of God"? Luke 3:38." {Ed 130.2}