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i think if you write some key word in there that pops i know it has for me a time or 2 and then other times it will automatically go public, so im guessing i might have wrote a word that might have seem controversial

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i watched a few minutes of it i was more concerned he wasnt going to interrupt lost. we all know its all planned no one is going to ask any real questions and hes never going to be straight up and tell the truth, hes very good at sidestepping and making you forget what is asked in the first place, the speak he did in missouri earlier really was insulting, even if you are not pro teabag, it should have insulted everyone because he actually made of fun of the americans, and some of the people who helped get him elected.

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everyone kept saying yesterday how this was a shock , i didnt get it, i was expecting it from the moment he signed on for the stimulus i knew it was coming any day, besides he only changed so he can keep his seat, if we had term limits for these guys, this kind of thing wouldnt happen anyhow, congress and senate needs a big cleanout if we had term limits i guaranteee ya these guys would start working for us instead sitting up there growing roots and getting fat off of us hard workers

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it could be that soap isnt working and you need all of the hand sanitizer you can get and mexican families have been known to be large so they may need it, or bunch of em could have money pooled it for them to get as many as they can

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hes using this to get his universal health care through and all of that science he keeps hyping.

my sis in law was telling me about some of the socialist countries, which we are running at a fast speed for, that in those countries the government will actually hold back your paychecks,and in alot of those socialist country the pay is really pitiful. we already have our gov paying farmers not to farm and now we have bo to buy millions of acres, that has been used as ranching now wont be used for ranching cause bo will own it now. we the farmers arent farming , the ranchers arent ranching, sounds like a shortage of food to me, another way for the gov to control you.

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the story fox was telling it was 3 vials of the virus missing and officials were saying it was probably a accounting error, and then this came up a few days later, it seemed like an odd coincidence some vials or a virus missing and then theres a outbreak of a flu.

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we dont that he actually converted to christianity, as far we know that is only a claim hes made, and in that time he is supposedly converted he was in a church putting down america and white people, and he has covered up jesus symbol and he has done many things that seems like anti christianity, so i have doubts he has actually converted to christianity, i think he said that to appease the christian voters.

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i hate the comments of youre big so you must eat alot, that is often times not true, skinny people eat a lot, but lucky for them they have great metabolism. i fear here they will do what theyve done over seas if you have a child they claim is over weight they will fine you for it.

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regardless of what obama says united states was founded on christianity, now we will respect other religions but we should never be ashamed of the fact we are based on christianity. covering the symbol is another act of denying our christianity in the united states and what is worse is its coming from our president.

when we dont think its a big deal , thats a problem.