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I don't ever remember destroying a ME country.

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> "multimillionaire financier"
I see what you did there. Gotta downgrade him, right, to just a blue collar millionaire, to downplay his significance? I distinctly remember Epstein being a well-connected billionaire with ties to Mossad and America's political and academic elite.
This thing stinks:
> Jeffrey Epstein jailed.
> fails a suicide attempt
> placed on suicide watch
> successfully commits suicide
Yeah, right. And I'm supposed to believe that?
Case closed?
I'm guessing if this goes any deeper then there will suddenly be another spree shooting to disteact everyone and then the media will never mention Epstein again.
Hey, FBI, am I now a "domestic terrorist" for not believing the media, coz "conspiracy theories" are now classed as "domestic terrorism"? GFY

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Last time we had migratiom in big waves it was mostly young men from the Middle East.
And a Western woman wants more of that?
Imagine that.
It's like reverse sex tourism.
But I don't blame her. Western men are pretty weak. So these whores wanna try their luck with someone who will probably cut her head off lol
Refugees welcome, I guess.

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For the British the job itself was the reward. You know, White man's burden, rule Britania and all that?
But Americans are like dogs in search of a treat.
Twinkies, coca cola, drive-thrus and donuts make the American imperial project well worst the blood and sweat, coz money is what makes the world go 'round.
Didn't you know that? No? It's ok, some emerging Ivy League Silicone Valley entrepreneurial genius just made another motivational hack youtube video with peer reviewed and cited ptschology studies proving that fact. Are you inspired now to do great things with your life? Think of all the twinkies involved. All the other chimpanzees will think you're an "alpha male" with that many twinkies. Go get 'em son. You only live once, grab life by the horns, yolo etc.

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I dunno, I'd say Ghengis Khan's Mongols or possibly Muhammed's Jihads have been the most warlike and genocidal episodes in recorded human history. Maybe the 30s and 40s Soviets come close too.
But America, or even European Imperialism, even at its worst, has got nothing on these aforementioned champions of mass murder. And I don't deny the millions of Amerinds, Koreans, Vietnamese, Latin Americans etc the United States has murdered in recent memory. But we're talking about the wrost here. And in that regard the above contenders take the cake.
Don't believe me?
I dare you to disagree with me.
I'm not arbitarily making this stuff up. The historical record bears witness to what I said. If you wish to argue it, be my guest.

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Of course.
Trudeau is the most pathetic low-testosterone little soyboi to ever get into any office.
This is a nice guy manlet of a sub-being who frequently gets snubbed and minimized at G20 sumits, embarrasses foreign leaders in their own country with his sychophantic virtue signalling (like dressing up as a Sikh in India), can never give an honest answer to a simple question, and frequently slithers his way out of accountability like an eel swimming through an oil slick. He is one of the most disgusting people to ever dirty the face of this green earth.

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You got it wrong.
America was brought into WWI to bail out a broken and defeated France and Britain.
By 1916 the French army was decimated and in mutiny, Britain was starving with not enough ammo or supplies to fight, and Germany stood strong.
At this point the Kaiser offered the French and British peace.
But the jews would bring America in against Germany to salvage this embarrasing failure.
But only on the condition Britain would grant the jews Palestine. This was the Balfour declaration. The rest is history.

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Yeah it's hilarious seeing these people freak out over a military parade, as if we're just one marching band away from a Nuremberg Rally. Good to point out that these same democrats have absolutely no problems at all with using this same military to attack and mass murder people in places like Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and lately calls to do the same to Iran. Pure hypocrisy which really does make these vile war-mongerers look like the clowns they are. For that reason alone I would love to see this military parade. Just to smear that filthy hypocrisy in their smug faces. If they don't like militaries, then stop murdering people with them. Until then let's have a massive military parade.

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Evangelicals are just the sideshow goofballs.
They briefly rose to the top by the sheer kinetics of hype, but they were quickly outmatched, neutralized, and utilized by the jews to the point where they are just an Israeli cheerleading squad. Jews are still very much in control of America, they dominate the nodes of power in media, politics, and finance. This is why America is at constant war with Israel's Middle Eastern enemies. Goyim religiosity is no longer relevant to controlling them, which is why (((Christianity))) is being phased out for (((atheism))).

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The US is just a brainless juggernaut hijacked by jewish parasites in order to fulfill their messianic prophecies of world conquest. It's in the Old Testament--the rebuilt temole, the jewish messiah ruling the world, and every single gentile either enslaved or exterminated.
The early (((Soviet Union))) was their failed practice run. Now they are trying again with America. That will also fail. Ultimately the jews will fail. But they will wreck the world and wreck all its diverse peoples.