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Congratulations on such a run, Joel. It's been a pleasure following the comic and your art for this long, and your openness about your life around the comic (perhaps due to the nature of the original Experiment) has only brought more life to it. Looking forward to the new strip, and definitely count me in for a book/books; it needs to join the first two volumes on my funnybook shelves.

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"Meat tube" sounds like some sort of pork byproduct that Josh might eat.

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Probably one of the weakest episodes of the series. The worst part was that there were so many things they could have done to make it funnier, yet they missed some golden opportunities.

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Add "-gina" and "-penis" to Column B and you COULD come up with Syfy movies that...well, would probably sell a little better, to be honest.

"Werepenis VS Arachnogina: The Final Phallic Fight!"

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I dunno, if Rainn Wilson can play Dwight with a German accent and homicidal tendencies, I think he could work as the Red Skull.

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Congrats and Godspeed, you Fancy Bastards! :-D

As far as geek weddings go, the best are the subtle ones. Geek-oriented cake topper, a reference to couples in geek canon in a speech, blue milk for the kids at the reception. Little touches.

(Re-reading what I wrote, "Little touches" after a sentence regarding children probably wasn't my best writing, but you all get the point.

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I think it is. Even in the short term, it has the possibility to force Diamond to change their practices, and more people could find indy books and publishers. Furthermore, if they retain the $1 price tag from comics on the iPhone, it makes any book more appealing. A digital collection is also a nice alternative to longboxes and shelves.

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I'm anxious to see how it affects the comic industry. (I'm a consumer whore, so I'll still pick up my floppies every week and shell out for discounted trades and hardcovers.)

I don't plan on picking up one of these bad boys until at LEAST the second generation.

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"Riking" someone sounds like something furries do to each other.

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Uwe Boll and Michael Bay would make great entertainers for children. They set up some dynamite and green screen in the back yard and turn the kids loose. Good times for the whole family.

The Spider-Man reboot needs to be like the Hulk reboot: it needs to skip the origin story and dive straight into a story that is a quintessential Spider-Man story, ie, balancing high school and superheroics, all while trying to win Mary Jane away from Flash Thompson. There also need to be ties to the greater Marvel U, like including the Baxter Building in the New York skyline, or a news story in the background about mutants in Westchester, or Sam Jackson.

EDIT: Rumor has it that Marc Webb is going to direct the next three Spider-Man movies. http://bit.ly/8NXBpB