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Moore may be alright, but we all know Lisa Ann is the definitive Palin.

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Why does she even have a PAC? Is she running for office? No? I guess she must love getting the suckers to foot her bills!

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Karma seems to be working pretty good today...

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Amyl nitrate, rent boys and conservatism are a hell of a drug...

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The guy who wanted to shut down the auto industry is now taking to a Michigan audience about jobs?

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One thing people need to learn is that the more publicity you give this movie, the more people will want to see it. Then again, the Big sites need content, so.....

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For once, Ben, we're in total agreement.

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Watch a lot of Fox news, do you?

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Once again Dana shows that she is one of the dumbest "pundits" out there. Gingrich is a serial cheater, the evidence is overwhelming, yet you castigate Marianne Gingrich for being the mistress. Where is the outrage towards Callista Gingrich? Where is the outrage towards Newt, a guy who went after Clinton for his affairs while he was having one himself? The man who resigned the House in disgrace is an embarrassment and the sooner he goes, the sooner Romney can go on to lose the general.

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How come no one is asking to see Romney's birth certificate? Oh,yeah, he's rich and white.