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Strange how the Koran code works only with the Christian calendar. But not with the equivalent year in the Hebrew calendar (5735), the Chinese calendar (4671), or the Roman calendar (2727). Is Allah trying to tell us something?

By the by, which two additional verses of the Koran did Khalifa find Satanic?

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I suppose that, to Moslems, the hate crime was that of the imam's, for altering "Allah's word". Francis was only administering justice.

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And it's the leading cause of death among Americans in general, not just blacks. With well over a million abortions/year, it causes about as many deaths as the next two causes -- cancers and cardiovascular problems -- combined.

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“When you have individuals who have been struggling for so long, dealing with oppression and systematic oppression ...."
Ha! The only "oppression" that most Mexicans in California have ever had to "struggle with" is the oppression they faced in their homeland, which is why they left.

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The Spanish were considerably helped by a smallpox epidemic that wiped out about 1/3 of the Aztecs (and the other Amerindian nations, as well), followed by epidemics of other Old World diseases that killed most of the rest.

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Likely one or both of them will be offered to a Saudi prince, to cement the Obama-Saudi alliance. And maybe O will get a Saudi princess for a second wife.

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"The Obama administration has backed the arming of rebel groups in Syria through channels set up by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, even though we did not know whether the recipients were friends or foes."

In other words, Obama has been strengthening Assad's opponents to such a degree that the only way Assad can contain them is through the use of chemical weapons, and now Obama threatens Assad if he uses these weapons. Obama is just itching to get the U.S. into this fight, and he's provoking Assad into giving him an excuse.

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And, as NRA chief Wayne Lapierre pointed out, if she'd had a gun, she might still be alive. Although there would still be a dead linebacker.

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"Lippestad claimed that the Internet alone was responsible for creating Breivik."

That means it's all Algore's fault. He invented the internet after all.

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I assume the figure of L1318 (=US$ 2109) is for a year. If so, that's almost exactly double what I pay over a year for both gas and electricity, for both cooking and heating. And I live in an area with more extreme temperatures -- both colder in winter and hotter in sumer -- than most of Great Britain.