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Any four star general that has the courage to tell the truth in the face of an onslaught of neocon criticism, as Shinseki did in 2003, irregardless of Rumsfeld, is hardly worthy of the criticism that he "wasn't wort a damn" - Never mind your spelling, it's your judgment that is suspect!

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Beth Fraser, from the MN SOS office, says that if indeed the 133 missing ballots are never found, then the election night total could be used instead, and talks about a very similiar scenario from 2002. This could give back to Franken the net 46 votes that he originally won in that precinct.

See: http://tpmelectioncentral.talkingpointsmemo.com/2...

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You just cannot make this stuff up! While looking for the missing 133 ballots, lo and behold- they find another envelope with uncounted absentee ballots- Yikes! I wonder how many other envelopes with uncounted ballots exist in the state? Here's the link (I hope) to the Star Trib article-


(Sorry if its not 'clickable'- I can't remember how to do that on ID)
OK- guess it is 'clickable- a simple copy and paste of a web address seems to do the trick!

cheers- Eric

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Doesn't each individual precinct "call in" their vote totals after counting them on election night? And, are these 133 ballots all from a single precinct that had been totalled before being placed in the envelope? Does anybody know? Because if so, why not simply use those numbers if they really can't be found after a diligent search?

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Answer to trivia question-

"The first mother-in-law to live in the White House was the Scottish heiress Juliana Gardiner.

The mother-in-law of John Tyler, Gardiner "so disliked the shabby condition of the White House that she not only paid for the redecoration of the private family rooms but the state rooms as well," says Carl Sferrazza Anthony, the historian of the National First Ladies Library."

That and a couple bucks will get you a cup of coffee somewhere!

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"I can't tell you who I am. Like you, I'm hoping to get a political appointment in the Obama administration. I'm trying to project the aloof and elite appearance of a soon-to-be-announced Schedule C."

Hmmm... Is it that you 'can't' tell us who you are? Or simply that you are ashamed of your self-serving desires to be more than you are?

Many (if not most) of us who worked for the campaign did so without even the slightest hint of 'wanting something in return.' My kids and I went a few months without our standard "Friday night out" because all three of us felt strongly about seeing Barack elected. (We even had the chance to see him, and others, at the 100 club dinner in NH last January)

If you are the best for the job, then fine. But otherwise- make a living elsewhere.


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One blog that allows private messages to others is 'Quizlet.' I'm certainly no expert on blogs, or programming, but the blog they use on their site seems pretty full featured. Check out quizlet dot com....

Cheers- Eric