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The smartest thing the conservatives should do is to let Scotland go. The union is done, many in England are sick of listening to whiney SNP voices in Westminster elected from tiny constituencies in the western isles demanding moar cash for Scotland. Send them packing, give the UK a vote on Scottish independence!.

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Reform of the voting system and abolition of the Lords would be one of the smartest things Boris and the party could do to cement their government in place. Having PR does not mean we would all use it but it does guarantee a fairer voting system.

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Ex conservative, pleased by the majority but watching, waiting and hoping the PM and those many new MPs will deliver on Brexit.

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Read "Adults in The Room" by Yanis Varoufakis then tell me how the EU is democratic tell me why they broke their own rules to bailout Greece. Tell me how Eurocrats imposing austerity on ordinary Greek people equals democracy?

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Believe it when I see it. That said a clean Brexit would deliver a big majority while a delayed BRINO would clobber the Conservative party come the general election. Interesting week.

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They are fascists who seek to impose their views on the majority. Any ideology which relies on fear and threats should be viewed with mistrust. An ideology which seeks to indoctrinate teenagers with its demands and fears should be banned.

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If Boris can deliver a no deal Brexit this year then the conservative party will win a landslide majority at the next general election.

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Either deliver a no deal brexit by the end of October or accept a massive defeat at the next GE.

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JFDI Boris, there will be no second chances.

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Time for a patriotic general election then and no doubt Margot will disappear from parliament.