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Har har har. The best part of the "Bo Holiday Card" is the idea that there is still a chance the atmosphere can get cold enough to make snow. Verrrrrrrrrry funny NoBama. You don't fool me with your fake God, Bo with his fake snow and whimsical scarf.

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It's real. You can tell.

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Uh. Yeah. A handkerchief WITH NOTES WRITTEN ON IT DUH!

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Da Fuck??

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The "engine" of the economy? More like the hot, smelly, gas of the engine of the economy.

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Fuckin' idiots. Sorry, that's all I've got.

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Well said. I love what #OWS is doing and I think it could be the beginnings of a movement we desperately need in this country but I completely agree with your last paragraph. Dylan Ratigan is certainly not the enemy.

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I had no idea that flavors had the capability to be vulgar.

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This "joke" was posted on a liberal Facebook group a couple of weeks ago...obviously with the names of Bachmann or Perry or some such in place of Obama. They all got a glorious larph out of it. I pointed out, on the post, that I didn't think it was funny when the joke had the Obamas being thrown out of the plane and I STILL didn't think it was funny. I was ridiculed and told to leave the group. I did of course because...humor!!

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Meh...no, I do not like them. But I should say that I'm not a fan of having a lot of "stuff" in my house so I'm pretty particular about what I actually do buy.