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Tunisia Leader Flees and Prime Minister Claims Power

And the protesters relied heavily on social media Web sites like Facebook and Twitter to circulate videos of each demonstration and issue calls for the next one.

Tunisians drive leader from power in mass uprising

U.S. diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks have called Tunisia a "police state" and described the corruption there, saying Ben Ali had lost touch with his people. Social networks like Facebook helped spread the comments to the delight of ordinary Tunisians, who have complained about the same issues for years.

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You're with Ben Ali on Malta, if you're anywhere.

um, no.

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Twitter and Facebook did not play a role in the Tunis uprising

Tunisia protesters use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to help organize and report

Tunisia is in a state of unrest and protesters are using blogs, Facebook, Twitter, WikiLeaks documents, YouTube and other methods to mobilize themselves and report what is going on.

The catalyst for the demonstrations, which have ranged from peaceful protests to violent clashes, was the suicide attempt made by Mohamed Bouazizi, a 26-year-old university graduate in Tunisia who couldn't find work. The North African nation's unemployment rate is about 14%, and about 30% of those without work are between age 15 and 29.

Tunisia's Revolution Was Twitterized
In what could be a sign of how social media is reshaping politics in the Middle East and North Africa, Tunisian protesters turned to Twitter to broadcast information on their popular revolt against the government's economic and media policies.

Videos of street clashes in Tunisian towns were broadcast on YouTube before some were taken down, minute-by-minute updates on the number of casualties were retweeted, and reports on the political situation as it unraveled kept Arab audiences mesmerized.

Tunisia Forever Free & Dignified, Facebook and Twitter our bridge to freedom


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So after three weeks it has reached the capital, the people want the ouster of the authoritarian president, Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali. It seems like he's out of power now after 23 years of iron-fisted rule. Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi has assumed power. Tour operator Thomas Cook said it was evacuating 3,800 British, Irish and German vacationers from Tunisia as a precaution.

It's interesting that Twitter and Facebook have played a role, we all remember how important those were during the Iranian fiasco.

Monday: I've seen the Tunisia headlines on most of the major news carriers, when the curfews started. ( Incidentally, you know what you are not seeing much of ? The death of conservative Judge John Roll in the AZ shooting, as everyone tries to exploit the tragedy to blame conservatives. Some nut-jobs are even trying to tie it to the immigration issue now!)

And don't pay attention to Obama and his joke of a foreign policy. Why didn't Obama say anything when the Iranians protested the stolen election there? He tours the world apologizing for America and bowing to foreign leaders, kissing up to our enemies, alienating some of our allies, and generally projecting weakness. Obama's weakness has emboldened North Korea and Iran, making the world more dangerous. Not to mention Russia. Obama is weak. At least conservatives control the House of Representatives now, and have more in the Senate, so his disastrous domestic and foreign policies can be contained until he is out in 2012.

Reporters Without Borders described Mr. Ben Ali as a "press predator" who controlled the media. Most dictators and despots do that...just look at how Hugo Chavez controls the media in Venezuela, or the way that the Obamatron socialists want to control the American media (the fairness doctrine, etc.) or the way that Obama has attacked FOX News, Sean Hannity, and others. The Dems constantly have bills ready to deal with dissent, now they are exploiting the AZ shooting to threaten "Civility" regulation. And Obama's FCC voted 3-2 (the vote fell along partisan lines with Democrats capitalizing on their numerical advantage) to interfere with the internet .

Falastinia: Let us hope that the Iranians can get a free and fair democracy, that Lebanon can throw off Hezbollah and that Gaza can throw off Hamas.

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Very well put! I agree!

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gun violence in America — which, by the way, is still a many times greater source of daily terror in the United States than anything related to Muslims.

Sorry, you are completely wrong about that:

30 Terrorist Plots Foiled: How the System Worked

Foiled Terror Plots Against America Since 9/11

List of foiled Islamic terrorist plots in the post-9/11 United States

I don't think any gun owner has managed 3000 victims or the destruction of buildings and airplanes.

Everyone seems to be trying to use this Arizona tragedy for some sort of agenda!

Alas, House Speaker John Boehner eloquently captured the feelings of most Americans when he issued a statement saying, "An attack on one who serves is an attack on all who serve." The speaker also appropriately said, ""This inhuman act should not and will not deter us from our calling to represent our constituents and to fulfill our oaths of office."

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The NRA does not need to "apologize" for the terrible crime committed by this wacko. That is laughable.

Who DOES need to apologize are all of the left-wing morons who immediately tried to tie this tragic event to the Tea Party, to Sarah Palin, to various talk radio shows, etc. without a shred of evidence. That was truly despicable. Every one of these left-wing morons should apologize not only to those who they wrongly accused, but also to the families of all the victims.

And to your point: there was no common ideology shared between Loughner and the NRA, he is not even a member. The NRA didn't buy his gun for him, and while they defend gun ownership rights, they are not the sole reason that the second amendment exists and is still in effect today. (Gun ownership is a big part of American culture, from the very beginning of the country).

When the Fort Hood shooting occurred, everyone went out of their way to say that it had nothing to do with Islam. Will even posted an entry here on this blog saying it had nothing to do with Islam. But when the shoe is on the other foot, people are trying to make ridiculous connections between this Arizona shooter and everything from the NRA - as you are doing - to conservative talk show hosts to Rush Limbaugh to Representative Michele Bachmann. WTF???

And it turns out that Major Hasan was a Muslim who apparently committed his crime for Islamic reasons, after all. Can we say HYPOCRISY?

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They celebrated??

Didn't Bin Laden himself say that he was behind 911? Wasn't there a video of him laughing about it? Why would anyone deny that or try to obscure it?

Like Bruno said, your king Osama looks like a dirty wizard or a homeless Santa.

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No one needs to turn Saudi Arabia against Iran.... they already are.

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One of the great concerns is that a nuclear armed Iran would cause the surrounding countries to want to become nuclear. That is the last thing that region of the world needs.