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There was another bit where I held the magazine closer to Sean and Dan Akryod's balls were in frame.


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You know what the worst part about the movie is? They spent all of their effect budget on the first scene of Edward sparkling... The rest of the effects (of which there aren't many, granted) look like they were rendered on a $349 computer from KMart. It's terrible.

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Yep, if she combined the two, the whole thing would be better, to my mind.

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Thanks! -!

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Let's do this line-by-line, huh?

"You are such an idiot."
Great way to start a debate; insult the other person's intelligence from behind an anonymous internet screen name. I commend you for your bravery, sir and/or madam!

"Maybe you have to be a little intellectual to understand, but I never expected anyone to be so obtuse."
I'd make a joke about me being more oblique than obtuse, but I fear you'd assume I don't know what 'obtuse' means in the context that you're using it... And, let's face it, geometry jokes should only be used when really, really drunk.

"TWILIGHT is a story of love and the entire book is focused around that."
Look, we agree on something. I bet that'll change in the next sentence.

"The beginning of the book is very eventful, you just have to infer and actually read at a semi-fast rate of speed."
Great argument: "Read faster! It'll seem more exciting!" Top notch, kiddo.

Oh, and did you see the movie? 'Cause they cut out a ton of the beginning of the book and added more about the other coven, so clearly I'm not the only one who thought it dragged on needlessly.

"I hope that's not your problem, because I wouldn't advise you making judgment on a book you are not fit to read."
To say that anyone is unfit to read TWILIGHT is like saying an anonymous troll is unfit to comment on anything on the internet, but I won't be that judgmental. (Actually, yes, I will, especially when that troll uses AOL. Seriously? 1993 called, they want their browser back.)

"Plus Bella doesn't ramble on for ever about the mysterious Edward, those parts are mixed in throughout the book because she never fully understands him."
Uh, if it goes on through the entire book, doesn't that really mean it goes on forever? Yes, it does.

"And by the way, your girlfriend better have dumped your sorry ass (if you ever had one to begin with)"
Wait, are you questioning the existence of my girlfriend or my sorry ass? 'Cause I can tell you both are real, and I'm still with 'em, thank-you-very-much.

Look, if the fact that I disagreed with you can cause this much anger to come spewing out for someone you've never met, you might wanna rethink your priorities a bit. Get out for a while... go sparkle in some sunshine or something. You might find yourself a happier person in the end.

Thanks for reading, regardless.


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That's what I aim for... Thanks!