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Palestinians might teach peaceful discourse instead of preaching jihad and glorifying suicide bombers, and accurately explain Israeli actions as consequences of violent attacks.

They might also denounce fighters using civilians as human shields and schools as weapon depots

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It is not surprising nor a "shanda" that there should be some confusion in a situation like this. In any country it would takes time to arrange for appropriate burial plots, and there is some modicum of bureaucracy involved.

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Foolishly designed poll.
Obviously US residents are more familiar with their local US educational, medical and cultural institutions, and want their donations acknowledged locally. Donations to charities are not supposed to duplicate their direct efforts.

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"Putting a hechsher on a pig"?

Avispa613, I bet the women in the illustration would outclass you anytime when it comes to knowledge of Jewish law and wager they would not give you a hechsher.

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At the very least they should stop glorifying the killing of Jews. You know perfectly well there is now a need for protecting the lives of Israeli civilians.

Before the Intifadas and the subsequent idolizing of bloodshed there was no cage at all.

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Maybe this?
Lisa would like Israel to choose anti-israel Hamas fighters for free treatment at the israeli taxpayer's expense, and do so secretly, but not before all Palestinian land claims have been satisfied, which would in fact eliminates the hospitals and the tax revenue .... an action plan please, Lisa!
Or should Israel just stop treating these individuals? Or keep it very secret? Only BDS agitprop allowed?

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"But they were presented without important context."
Yes, Lisa, context is everything
Write your next article about the fate of Israeli wounded in the care of its enemies.

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History, please!!! Those were Holocaust survivors.