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Dana , you still do not get it. Or your personal bias allows you to only receive information that supports your personal bias.
ESPN management can make whatever decision they like in running their business. When you get a sports network you can run your sports network the way you see fit.

Do you suggest the management of the largest sports network in the world who carry broadcasts of the most profitable sports league in the USA run their business decisions by Dana Loesh to make sure they are to her liking?

Dana you should spend more time concentrating on growing your brand and picking up more affiliates. How many markets carry your show at the present?

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Africans never enslaved Africans in a Republic Democracy, also African Christians never enslaved other African Christians.

However we know who did.

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I wrote the post in the other thread. ROTFLMMFFO

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When the RNC pushes Cain to the back of the bus, for Romney lets see who stands up for him. Then the true colors of the tea party will come out

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When the RNC pushes Cain to the back of the bus, and promotes Romney lets see how hard the tea party fights for him. SMH

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Bravo, it is hilarious how many have bought the " he was killing his own people" narrative. The reason he had to go is because he would not accept worthless Euros for payment of oil.

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