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I wonder if it uses parts from the defunct Airship Ventures Zepplin: http://www.airshipventures.com/

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Another interesting concept is the suspended ferry: http://www.shorpy.com/node/9072

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I use RPN daily. I did switch away from my beloved HP 33s to a phone app the last time the batteries ran out.
For those of you with Android devices, I highly recommend: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk....
There is a menu option to switch between RPN and whatever that other system is called...

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After world war II, some surplus tank chassis were used as bases for logging equipment such as the log skidder shown here.

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Looking at it from the sky https://maps.google.com/maps?q=Gisborne+Airport&a... there appears to be room for the train track to detour around the runway...

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Yes, it is.

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It's a standard sign in Europe (and possibly elsewhere).
It's a very sun bleached version of this sign:

Its shape and red border indicates a danger.

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Isn't the re-entry the ultimate proof that Earth does indeed posses gravity?

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I came in to work early today after getting an Email late last night from a colleague in Asia. He had found a very odd behavior in our software right after he updated to the latest version...
So I get in and within five minutes I realize that this an old bug that was fixed a month ago. Somehow that fix did not propagate through our revision control system...
So I came in expecting a day long struggle to figure out this weird bug and it was all over in five minutes. It was too easy and now I have this weird feeling that something horrible is about to happen...

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I've had three watches in my life:
- A cheap digital of unknown origin that I barely remember
- A somewhat better digital watch (with stopwatch function!). Again, I don't remember much about it except that I go it on my 16th birthday.
- A Certina DS automatic watch that I received for my 20th birthday. Technically, this my current watch. However, I stopped wearing it when I got my first cell phone...