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It's amazing how few parents know about the "disable in app purchases" button. Or about in app purchases all together. Or the side effects of giving your kids your passwords. Or not knowing that things can be purchased without passwords for a short time after its been entered. Or about not teaching children the value of money. Really a lot of things that could have happened here, good thing they're reasonable with refunds in situations like this, because I hear stories like this all the time.

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I have this feeling right now that I can only describe as christmas morning when you're seven years old.
I'm trembling and I have this burning excited feeling.
I think all the songs gave me an overdose of the feels.
Looking forward to what happens in part two and three of this episode in *sob* six or seven months.

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Hard to find tins? I feel kinda bad, Wal-mart's in Canada seem to have quite a few of them, I've been buying one or two every weekend since it's cheaper than buying six individual packs. I may have to have an art contest to give away a half complete set. (I have a lot of spares)
Still waiting on those other miniature sets.

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so much...

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I knew I didn't imagine that one!

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Ellen McLain, I really don't know what else to say.

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I love it when my pictures get used in non drawfriend posts!
I hear a lot of people complaining that their stuff can't get into the drawfriend's because of ridiculous standards, and while I get where they're coming from (It took six months of me drawing ponies for anything to get in.) I always understood why.
If they just threw everything in we would get three hundred image drawfriends every day and nobody would bother looking at any of them. (also I always found some of my worse pictures got in there if they contained a large dollop of humor over skill.)

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I was surprised to see that! (It's totally mine: http://dazed-and-wandering.deviantart.com/art/Tri...

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They're cup holders obviously, or for storing cans of soda for long trips.

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As soon as I get my new credit card later this week I am buying three of them (and that crystal empire dvd because why not?)
The other two are for friends, may as well consolidate shipping, I'm not crazy.