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"a terrible precedent", wow, I thought that the Military stepping up and defending a democratic constitution would be quite patriotic, but then maybe BO would worry that our military would follow suit and stop him from shredding ours!

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We call them "homeland defense rifles"

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Everyone in here is right, there will be a call for gun control because of this incident. But did you see that Al Queda is taking claim to the attacks! I wonder if anyone in DC will think that maybe this guy came across the border from Mexico and already had the guns with him! What will new gun laws in the US do to stop that.

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I wonder if these people are actually anarchists, or is that just what the media wants the world to think. They may be just like us, only a few steps ahead. They may have tried what we are doing right now and found that it didn't work and are now taking it a step further

Just something to think about. I don't trust our media, I sure as hell don't trust British media.

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I think forcing it is a little crazy, but I use the palmolive that they pictured in the article and have never had a problem. Maybe some people need new dishwashers, or maybe they should hand wash. That dishwasher won't do you any good when the electric bill is too high to pay, or when the smart grid turns it off because it uses too much energy!

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This is just like the internet companies throttling your download speed because they don't have enough bandwidth in their backbone. Since they don't want to upgrade their infrastructure, they just turn your speed down. Since we can't build new power plants, we just turn your A/C down!

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But, the sensors they place on your appliances, AC, Dryer... you are your property. That is the grand scheme of this, for them to monitor your large appliances for energy consumption. Have an old refrigerator? You pay more because it isn't energy efficient. There are ways to get rid of the sensors or block the signal. If it comes down to it, I will be sure to let everyone know.

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It means just what you think it does. Also you will metered in "real time" this means that daily as the price of energy i.e. fuel, and carbon credits change, so will what you pay per KWh. I am an Electrician in the Military and can tell you this is crazy, the level of control the government is trying to achieve is ridiculous, they can't even control what they already try to, guns, drugs! What makes them think they can control 300 million AC units or Dryers!

There are portions of this initiative that are good, replacing old infrastructure, new monitoring of transmission and distro lines, de-centralised power generation, more wind and solar. But the monitoring in the home takes it way to far. I will not stand for this, people won't let them come in their home and place sensors. There are ways around them.

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Do you think Glenn Beck isn't making money? He is the #3 news outlet in the country! Why don't you rag on him. Just for your information I know DrWarren and he is spending his own money to help YOU! Get a brain and think before commenting

And just for the record I contributed to it, and helped review it! lets all talk crap to me know too!

I'm happy to see that there are over 1200 people willing to stop trolling the forum just long enough to sign a petition!

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Maybe he is just taking all those people to lug around his teleprompter!