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how many times can a person say isrl is stolen land... we have been saying it for over a almost a hundred years.. and yet they are still stealing land.. any other nation doing this would be invaded and destroyed.. but yet isrl still exists..boycott everything sent here from isrl let them see how much we dont approve of their theft of anothe rpeoples land and the mistreatment of the people of those lands..

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how would they react if we started shooting their children>> would they be crying anti-Semitic, after all if children are on the menu for them then it should be for everyone else as well. but we are more not inhumane, unlike the regime in the stolen state of isrl. if any other nation did this the world would be invading and sanctioning them to death. they not only stole our govts but they stole our banks too..including another peoples country. no onther nation is allowed to take land from another people, when will the world wake up already. i understand no one wants these bottom feeders in their countries, but come on, why inflict a nation in which is biblical to this crap? the real jews do not live in isrl only those who practice zionism, which is not a religion sent down from God..all people should be fighting this evil nation. waiting for the day when God sends down the mist that takes out every first born of these god forsaken people then the next one and then the next one until they are all gone..the american soldiers need ot start waking up and taking out the real terrorists who is their govt and the zionists..

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why would u assume things would change in the US?

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seems to me the americans have decided that they are going to dictate who gets to rule other peoples lands.. when they are the ones going around putting in rogue govts in other nations..tit for tat..americans go home..those poor soldiers think they are doing good.. they dont realize they are being used for uglier purposes..why isnt the americans being charged with crimes against humanity? they are no better than the zionists..i sure with those american soldiers would wake up and realize they are being used for the wrong reasons.. no other nations goes around and invades other countries like the americans do.. the Americans doing the dirty work for the zionists.. wake up american soldiers.. do the right thing and go home and toss out ur bought and paid for regime!!

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it shouldnt matter who goes and represents the people.. as long as they get represented

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i'm still laughing at trump who was so into bringing home the troops because the middle east is not his problem...looks like he has become just another puppet on a string.. all i want is just one to man up and call it what it is.. the soldiers are away from their loved ones because the zionists want to control the natural resources of the planet.. there is a reason why God put those resources where they are.. they are not amrican or the zionists the resources belong to the people of th emiddle east.. that also excludes the isrlies.. since they are not the people of the middle east.. jews were black originally..they came from africa as slaves for the pharaohs..to build their shrines.. for themselves.

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seems the only industry the americans are exporting is terrorism. they work for the rothchilds...would be great if the soldiers would wake up and come home and take back their country..the people are tired of the lies already..

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seems to me that trump has been doing as hes told.. the man who said that he was bringing back the troops from over seas.. he thought he could run the show.. but looks like he isnt running anything...hes just another stooge working for the zionists.. when do u think the soldiers will wake up? isnt it about time for them to go home and take over the US? after all they are not doing their people any good over seas... not while the bankers are robbing the people blind..millions of people living on the streets, looks like the zionists have turned the US into a 3rd world country...oh well its the peopes fault for not over throwing their govt.. not much we can do from afar..

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its sad that the american govt is so bent on world domination..let them have their wars within their own country..no one else wants them..i feel bad for the people in the USA.. they dont want anymore wars and they are not interested in wold domination..it like the kings of the old world who enjoy concurring other people.. spreading their soldiers so they can rob those nations of their wealth..they have the old world mentality, but the people have moved past that..we just want to live in peace.. if they want to experiment on people experiment on their own..see how well that works for them,..the US claims to be fighting evil , bu tthe whole world sees them as the ones spreading the evil..would be nice for all these nations who are in wars take it to the US.. i know its not the citizens fault for what their govt is doing, but enough already, since you cant do anything about the govt, maybe its time to ask the rest of the planet for their help..and then there are the europeans who are catering to the americans.. it doesnt take much for u all to step up and grow some balls and say enough.. listen to the people they are tired of these endless wars and these endless lies.. i would love to see every american politician in an orange jumpsuit cleaning the streets with shackles on..a dream i'm sure billions of people would life to see come true..

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taking land from one country to expand another is against international law....trump is bought and paid for by hsi masters...annoyed that this is still going on..any other country we would all be invading and destroying.. isrl owns the us govt.. trump is a weasel he can tweet al lhe wants we know hes a nothing but a big mouth who thinks he can tweet and insult anyone he wants...he is no diplomat hell he isnt even human..hes a dog who wages his tail every time the isrles tell him too...i just wish he would grow some balls and do the right thing... i hope he gets impeached and i hope he loses all his friggin money..let him feel the pain he has put millions of people in..all for his masters.. i can picture him lifting a leg and licking himself just like my dog