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This isn't really a case of people bringing guns to church. They are holding a gun safety class and celebrating the birth of our nation which WAS about freedom of religion and freedom to defend ourselves. I have to give the pastor credit for addressing issues that are very real and very tangible in today's world. I'm sure that there will be a biblical message in there as well. This pastor deserves credit for connecting our God given rights to our lives. Good job!

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I hope that the Bible study group sues the county. Violation of Constitutional rights, and religious discrimination! If it violates a fire code or something, then they should have said that or charged them with that, but you can't tell somebody that they can't have a bible study in their own home. They can hold a Nazi meeting in their own home if they want to. Do Nazis have more rights than Christians? We need to make a bigger deal out of this! Nothing is going to change if we just blog about it. Tell your local churches about this and spread the word to make a real movement in the country. CarolNebraska was right when she asked if it was ok if a group of athiests sit around and not talk about God? That means that everybody in that county that throws a birthday party, Super Bowl party, etc has to have a permit for assembly if you're going to follow those standards and I gaurantee that they don't!

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I love my Chevy, but I'm not going to buy another one if the government owns GM. I WOULD still buy one if they filed bankruptcy and the government kept their hands out of things.

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Is it just me or are people missing the point on North Korea? They said today that they aren't honoring the 1953 Armistice any longer. We were technically still at war with them before this, and now they are saying that they aren't going to honor the 56 year old cease fire? Shouldn't we have warships and bombers en route right now?

People get upset because we started a war with Iraq and they didn't have WMD. North Korea, a nation we are still at war with is showing them off to the world and we are just going to say, "Hey, knock it off please." This is where McCain would have been a good solid military leader. He may not have been the best of choices, but I would much rather have John as the Commander in Chief than Barry Hussein Obama.

I just want to scream...

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That's not too bad of an idea, but what if we wrote the912project.com on the tea bags instead and got some people curious?

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I'm from Omaha, so I know what you mean. Contact your local newspaper or radio station today and let them know about your event! Tell your friends, have them tell their friends. It's the only way that we will grow!!

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Is anybody aware that Obama is going on the Rachel Ray show next?!?!?! After an interview on Leno?! This man blows me away. He doesn't take this job seriously and should never have been elected the President.

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I have started a group on Facebook for the State of Nebraska to start to organize people. Sites like Facebook and Meetup are great ways to get everybody organized. If there are any Huskers out there that want to get organized just search for the Nebraska 912 project on Facebook, or email me at: ne912project@yahoo.com