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I think the approximate US equivalent to "numper" is "bandwagon fan". Perhaps with less of the "you left your team" and more of the "you only like them because they are popular"-style gatekeeping.

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"Roland lost fights against his *reflection* in a mirror? That seldom happens."

Is Roland studying the same books as Lt Blouse?

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Another possible coincidence, I finally remember what B’hrian Bloodaxe's name reminds me of. There was a mid 80's computer game Brian Bloodaxe, about a Viking thawed from the ice trying to take over England

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Ah, I love Square One! My 5th? grade math teacher would show us MATHNET episodes on Friday. I still very clearly remember them showing how to find a point equidistant to three other points.

Learning things from odd places - I listened to a lot of folk and filk music in high school, which is where I heard of the Magna Carta among many other historical things well before it was covered in school.

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This is a book that the first time I read I thought basically "that was interesting" and moved on. I liked it, but didn't really revisit it. But my kid listened to the audiobook (over, and over and over) and loved it. So much so she illustrated it for class. ( Seeing her puzzle it though, and talking about it with her gave me a whole different appreciation of it