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I’m feeling so angry and so powerless today, Jullian is a true hero, despite his many character flaws, he’s a guy that backed up his words with action. Something I feel powerless to do. I know that violence is not the way forward it’s not part of the solution yet I feel a violence within me towards Trump - towards all of those globalist bast____rds.

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If anyone wants to back up this story head over to Salisbury (my home town) and ask around the local drug using community rafter Skripal, he is in fact known as a consumer of opiates. The town has loads of drug addicts, their not hard to find.

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Give it time, perhaps after the next big economic crash more young, honest people will get elected to Congress and other countries parliaments. Then we will see some change. Meanwhile, if old Putin does not stand up against the US in Syria he will have to face them in the Ukraine and that will be a disaster.

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On balance there appear to be almost as many People who want the destruction of our beautiful home planet, as there are people who want to live in prosperous peace. and who judge people by the content of their hearts rather than their ethnicity or colour.

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Sad part is millions of British simpletons will believe this BS.

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Americans are the most easily manipulated people on Earth

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Speak for yourself, only the uneducated and easily manipulated voted for chaos and poverty.
Doesn’t mean I don’t agree with some of your comments although it’s not quite as simple.
The EU especially monitory Union is a construct of the banking/industrial elites and serves only them.
The original trading idea was put forward to preserve peace and was an obvious way forward.
As Europeans we are stronger together than apart.
A famous quote from the 1920s, when trade stops crossing borders soldiers will.

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Ten Russian citizens have been murdered in London over the last 12 months. The Bristish Met police investigated each case in private and released zero information to the Russian authorities on anyone of them.
That’s the real story here....................

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Every known person that survived even the minutest contact with any type of nerve agent has been left scarred and with disabilities. Remember the Ukrainian presidents poisoned by other oligarchs, if they survived they never looked the same again.

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Two thirds of the US American population is special needs