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Ya, they lifted the ban but Obama is still sending billions to brazil so they can drill and we can become their best customers. His words, not mine. Sounds like he wants to rely on brazil instead of america

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Wtf did this have to do with racism? Keep the flames burning. Its people like you blackvoter that will keep racism alive and well in future.

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Bye KCRG. No need to have some idiots come looking for me and put me in a position where I must defend myself with deadly force and put me and my families future at risk over some d bag with a grudge to grind.

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In a day where our country is broke, these idoits just cant find enough ways to spend money we dont have.

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Only a penny, heck its only a nickel, why not raise it 5 cents, or even 10, its just a dime. Its only money. Add all the times they added a penny here, 5% there and you end up spending hundreds and thousands of dollars extra....some people amaze me with how stupid they can actually be.

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This is the problem, no matter how much money we give them, they will mismanage it, waste it and end up asking for more yet again. They are irresponsible with other peoples money why would anyone want to give them more?

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I know Ive said this before but Im tired of my property taxes going up. From $1770 per year in 2004 to $2450+ per year for 2011. Lets not forget the lost tax and increased cost in trash, water, and sewer that Cedar Rapids raised on us. Then they have the extra money coming in from traffic cams too. Some of the money from the first LOST vote was supposed to go for streets and they are worse than ever. These people need to be dealt with. They were hired to do a job and are failing. They are pretty much scamming the public. They are taking away hard working peoples money and throwing out the door with idiotic unecessary projects then crying they dont have enough in their budget. Enough is enough! Too bad this isnt the old days...a revolution would have been started already.

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I live a good 5 miles from down town and at around 4 to 5am Ive counted over 30 honks in a 10-15 minute period of time. It dont happen every morning but when it does its excessive amounts of honking for that time. I dont see why they need to honk 4-5 times for each and every interesection downtown at those times. And hiring more consultants, you've got to be kidding....I should become a consultant for CR, they seem to need one to even wipe their own a ss