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@Stinson - Millennials will be bigger than us, but our generation is bigger than the Boomers, just more spread out (and less culturally influential). Immigration, the number of years of our generation (20) and population increases probably all contribute to this effect. I wonder if Millennials will be the first American generation to be smaller than the one before it. Also note that these are current numbers, so age is also a factor.

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@il_maestro - great commentary from the trenches. I agree that there will be repercussions from the over-parenting of Gen X'ers, but it may not be what we commonly expect. The children today are part of a new generation (post-Millennial). Starting with the kids in 1st grade or so, we are seeing the next version of the "Silent" generation that grew up in the shadow of the Great Depression and WWII. Much like Gen X's parents (who are mostly part of the Silent) they will grow up in a world that is very orderly and expects them to fall in line and be quiet. They will have their overbearing parents to watch over them through their youth but when they get out into the world they will probably be looking for new authority figures. College professors, much like those back in the early 50's will label them as compliant and focused on the correct path to success.

Sadly these kids will probably not make the greatest parents themselves. Like the Silent generation they will pretty much leave kids to fend for themselves, which is what resulted in the attitudes of the Gen X'ers today. The pendulum swings back and forth with over parenting of children leading to adults who want to give their children too much freedom. And thus the cycle continues.

I agree with you that awareness of our generation's tendencies is the best antidote to the extremism we often see in our generation. You can't change the generation you were born in, but you can be conscious of how your attitudes are shaped by it.

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Updated video link.

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I will check it out! Thanks.

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Amen, brother!

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Thanks - I fixed the link. Not sure how it disappeared in the first place...

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I think you are talking about the Baby Boomers here, not Generation X. Gen X was born between 1961 and 1981. We were not the Yuppies of the 80's (that was the Baby Boomers). If you look at the resources that Baby Boomers consumed during their time as top earners it dwarf's what Gen X will get.

That said, Gen X has certain had it's part in the crisis we now face. We are a survivalist generation and have mainly watched out for our own good. We have thought little about the long-term consequences of our individual actions and have mostly avoided civic duty.

So I agree that we have to change, but so do Boomers AND Millennials. Mill's were given something that Gen X never got: the support of their parents and a society that sees them as the future. Don't squander that on blaming others for your problems. There is a crisis at hand and Millennials will be expected to do what is required to get us out of it. Seem unfair? Well if we are successful the Millennials will get all the credit and Gen X will receive much of the blame if things go wrong. 

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Yeah, blaming the GI's is more to provoke thought. The reality is that ALL the generations are responsible for the turnings. As an X'er of I am often perturbed at all the glorification of the GI's (and the Boomers for that matter). Gen X is likely to get the shaft in the historical record (much like the Lost Generation before us). But oh well, that's our lot in life. 

I definitely agree that Mill's are going to have to dig deep to overcome the Boomer-dominated culture. I will do everything I can to support them in that effort!



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@David - that's kinda the deal with generations: not everyone feels they belong in the generation they are in. This is especially true for those on the cusp like you. Read my article about Generation Jones (http://www.thegenxfiles.com/2009/02/10/does-generation-jones-exist/) to see what I mean about the cusp of generations. Generations are general by nature and they don't accurately define everyone in them. But they do give a good picture of a vast majority of the people born during those times. Saying a Millennial is anyone who is tech-savvy, open-minded to diversity and into the latest music doesn't really help in understanding what Millennials are about. But I get your point: if you feel and act more like a Millennial, then the dates may not work for you personally. But on a larger scale they do predict where we are going.

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I agree on Pulp Fiction - it has a very Gen X feel to it. The others, while gritty (and good), don't as clearly express the Gen X ethic (at least to me). Thelma and Louise seems very Boomer, Speed is very hero (Millenniall) and Seven, is well, just creepy (but also very good).