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Sarah Palin will be to justice what Archer is to spying.

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Before my hairpiece crows, you will deny me three times Lepage

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Gotta say I can see why they're a little pissed off by that. The sentences should have been extended before they got out. That being said, the response is not appropriate either.

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It's a sad day that a slap on the wrist charge (5 bucks says he never serves a day in jail) is seen as such great progress.

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Another A Idiot with a webpage.

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Like this person, I too was at a medical center that got the wounded from a mass shooting. Right on the front line in the ER, matter of fact. That was 2009, and nothing has changed since. 13 dead (including the mother of a coworker) and 4 wounded because some pissed off asshole could easily get his hands on a weapon and shoot the people he was mad at. It's been more than 6 years, and I've watched the same scene play out dozens of times since. In conclusion, this poster summed it up best:
"Fuck the NRA. Fuck our cowardly politicians. Fuck every motherfucker still defending goddamn military hardware in cowardly military fantasist’s hands. These people are fucking DEAD."

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Naked racism, right on the TV. Oh how far we haven't come.

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Great article, thanks for sharing it.

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That picture = awesome

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Pics or...