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Two strikes against the people who did this: vandalizing is pointlesss and that isn't even the correct symbol for what they are intending. I guess googling what one really looked like what too much for these people.

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Laine has 38 driving violations, been barred in September, and rumored to have fallen asleep at the wheel during this crash. Not the fault of the highway.

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Driving around with a drug lab in your car isn't normal. But on meth it is.

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What was this story about? I had to quickly scroll down because the giant eyeball was staring at me.

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Also, this was the on ramp, not the actual interstate. Still another bit before you even get near the cameras.

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Live just a few blocks from this, was out having a cig when I heard the crash though didn't know which direction it was at. Sounded like a car hitting a stationary car (only one set of squealing tires)

Hope everyone is okay.

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It's funny, I read the headline and then saw the picture, thinking BOTH of them were women. That guy sure is something else.

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To think someone got paid to do this story makes me weep.

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Had just turned the stove on to boil a pot of hot water when the power shut off, thought I blew a fuse. Ran to HyVee to get some lunch and they were out too. Hit the whole area up to the river. 2:10pm and it is back on

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"the ex-offenders first must all fines, fees and court-ordered restitution before being allowed to vote."

I accidentally my pants reading that sentence. (Yes I left out the verb intentionally)