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scuttling it because its radioactive?

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thank our illegal southern immigrants for this, tuberculosis and other once squashed diseases. There is a reason Ellis island had a quarantine area and didnt let legal immigrants with diseases into our country. Now, however with the unchecked flood of illegal immigrants from the south all those diseases they carry are making a come back.

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you can lay this right at the feet of our illegal southern immigrants.

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did I say the drivers should sue the new orgs? no. I was speaking of the AG or some other branch of the gov. These new orgs had a civic duty to prevent accidents by warning oncoming cars but instead chose to set up cameras and film the accidents. Its like seeing somebody choking and instead of helping by doing the Heimlich you pick up a camera and film their death.

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any way to sue the news station for being ghouls and filming this instead of actively warning the motorist ahead of time that they knew the road was super slick and that they should slow down?

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another violent attack on others by black people on the max... what the hell? Seems like everytime I read a story about a violent incident on the max its a black person. why is that?

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ice ice baby.... seems katu forgot to add the parents dont speak any english... funny how they left that out.

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portland is 79% white...how odd that there are only 3 white people out of 31 violent criminals

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89 senators voted to give 160 million americans a thousand dollar tax break and to extend unemployment benefits and now the house republicans have gone back on the deal they struck!

Vote this bastard out of office next year...he doesnt care for the common man he only cares for the super rich and the corporations.

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He is an illegal alien who has committed a second crime....deport him