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No question, this has made me 110% more proud to have voted for Hillary in the primaries and to be voting for her in November. What an incredible validation of The Toast and everything it stands for.

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This was my first CD! Such great memories of rocking out to "Sweet Misery" with my Discman on the bus

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these are mostly sad heartbreak songs rather than angry ones, so it depends on your mood

"Manhattan" - Sara Bareilles/all of The Blessed Unrest
"Almost Lover" - A Fine Frenzy
"Woke Up New" - The Mountain Goats
"You Never Wanted Me" - Jackson C. Frank
"Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" - Bob Dylan
"If You Go" - Javier Dunn & Sara Bareilles

Echoing the 69 Love Songs - especially "I Don't Want to Get Over You" and "How to Say Goodbye"

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Well if you're going to try to pursue a career in musical theater it's kind of a prerequisite that you have a big ego and a (usually) naive evaluation of your own talents. If you don't think that you personally are going to be the one who "makes it," the girl who gets pulled out of the chorus and becomes Sutton Foster, it is a total waste of time and money. I love musical theater passionately but I realized very early in high school that my singing ability was only mediocre and that would never cut it in any professional setting. My best friend in high school, who is one of the most gifted singers I know, is pursuing music but getting a cs degree as well and doing software internships during the summer to make bank.

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Toasties! If you were taking a trip to London/the surrounding UK for about 10 days in August, where would you go? It will be my very first time in Europe but I'm going with my sister who has been in the UK a lot, although she's never explored Wales or Northern England extensively. What's the best day trip or couple-of-days trip to take from London? What are the best castles/museums/historical landmarks/places to gaze out over the countryside and sigh dramatically?

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"Serpentine Shel, serpentine!"

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I'm really sad about it. Not only because he was such a talented and handsome actor whose work I really enjoyed, but he was also so. young. Like, not much older than me. And there have been so many deaths of young individuals with bright futures lately. It's real depressing.

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Kate Beckinsale! Gotta admit I had no idea who she was outside of the Underworld movies until I looked her up after seeing Love and Friendship last week. Has there already been a discussion of Love and Friendship? I thought it was delightful - I had never read the Austen novel it's based on so the story felt very fresh as well, if a little unsatisfying in the end.

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Oh lovely Toasties I am very nearly done with my final paper of the semester (just need to add endnotes and citations!) and I cannot wait to be home.

A of all, I just started watching The Americans and oh my god Keri Russell - how is she so beautiful and captivating??? Also her character's birth name is the Russian form of MY name so we are OBVIOUSLY the same person.

B of all, I am finally going to have some time to start reading books for pleasure again! What was your favorite book you read last year? (Female or WOC authors preferred)

C of all, I just want to exclaim that I have received two lovely pieces of Toast Post - I promise I will send mine out as soon as I am home and have an iota of free time. I love you all!

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This looks lovely! Subscribed.