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I certainly hope this good Christians demise at the hands of his fellow inmates doesn't come too quickly, nor too painlessly.

Let's see how much good his prayers do him during shower time.

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Ah!!! but he's not a "TRUE Christian", nor are any of the thousands of other scum sucking christian shaman, ministers, preists, pastors, et al. who worship Jesus and children's genitalia.

Just ask any of those Christian arbiters of who is and isn't a true Christian. They abound on the net.

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--- Neumann's stepfather, Brian Gordon, said his stepdaughter did nothing wrong in trusting in God to heal her daughter.
"We should have that right in this country," he said. ---

Right??? The right to watch a kid die for no reason??? No you mindless fucktard...you have the right to refuse your OWN medical treatment, not those of a minor in your care!!

That this isn't obvious is just one more reason why theists are assholes, and christianity a death cult.


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Sell Cheesus on ebay??? BLASPHEMY!!!

He should be enshrined in a jeweled class case, and beheld as an icon like the Shroud of Turin, or one of those Holy Foreskins that circulated around Europe for centuries..

I for one would visit and pay hommage ... to Cheesus, not the foreskins.


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Hell... I'D like you better if you had hooters and wore lipstick!!!!!

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Sounds like she'd have liked you much better if you had hooters, and wore lipstick.

Be thankful for the pic...and for her not kicking your arse. ;)


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Mojoey said; "There is a third option for Cutié. One that many of his fellow priest use. Keep the relationship a secret and continue to act as a priest. "

There is a 4th option...unless i missed it in your post: Quit being a priest , have a normal and open relationship, and get a real job that actually contributes to society instead of leaching off the mental impariment of superstitious peasants.

Interestingly, and not unrelated to this subject: the Vatican's age of consent is twelve (12) years old. The youngest age of consent in all of Europe.
It's not by coincidence.

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well, Will..
Obviously if it was the "end of the story", there wouldn't have been a court case.


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you are saying there are absolute truths? Hmmm. I reject that.

But thats neither here nor their. What is or isn't true doesn't come into play when discussing the sep. of church and state. They are to be kept apart, and religion / or lack thereof should not be a football in the class room.

The position of Atheism is "true", as far as you and I are concerened. But the class room is no more place for the science teacher to espouse THAT truth, than there is for him to discuss the falacy/ "untruth" of religious dogma.

What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. We can't have it just one way in our favor. We need to be reasonable and fair or we undermine our position on the Wall of Separation.

His job is to teach science and to avoid religious entanglement. He opted NOT to do that. He was wrong.


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The class room is no place to aire your perspective on religiously held belief... and yes, creationism is religiously inspired. There are ways to move creationism off the table without using the class room as a soap box, or shitting on people's stupid beliefs which one knows, or should know, will cause distress among some portion of the students. He should simply have said: "Creationism is not a scientific theory, and we won't be discussing it here." and that would have been the end of that.

But no... he wanted to infuse his personal perspective and obvious (and justifiable) disgust and dismissiveness. Fine, and kudos to him. Now he needs to take the medicine that comes with breaking the sep. of church and state prohbition.