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I'm sick of this obsession with the NHS. What about other public services? My family uses the education system way more than the NHS but it doesn't have the totemic effect that the NHS seems to have on people.

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I wouldn't hold your breath with Grayling in charge of transport. I seem to recall the best he could do was to verbally encourage people to buy petrol cars, no financial incentive was proposed.

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Isn't it a different kind of pollution? Diesel pollution is worse for people, petrol pollution is worse for the environment. Speaking as a lay person!

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Lloyd George was a legend. Apparently he had a bed next to his office for his extra marital activities. Kitchener said he didn't tell the cabinet military details because they'd tell their wifes but Lloyd George would tell someone else's wife!

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I agree it is well worth a watch. Incidentally, how did they get any work done back then? It struck me they always seemed to have massive lunches with copious amounts of alcohol. If I do that I have zero motivation in the afternoon.

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What government? If they can't form one Westminster will have to take charge. It's not tenable to not have a rudderless ship for a long period of time.

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But she is stupid, and a woman! Nevertheless the speaker shouldn't say it even if it is true.

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Allegedly the numbers in the lords are falling.

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When I lived in Ipswich some twenty years ago the lights went off in the small hours down my road. It made sense to me, not many people abroad at that time of night.

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It's an anonymous forum! I used to be a member of Prospect for what it's worth. I stand by my earlier comments via a via the people involved at a local level in my former trade union.