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More like 1% in my opinion. The vast majority of users will carry on regardless.

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I don't think he's a snob - he clearly felt strongly about leaving the EU but not about multiculturalism.

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Weren't a lot of UKIP voters traditional Labour voters? So they would revert to voting Labour instead of Tory?

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A friend of my wife's was an active UKIP member. He has now left the party as he thinks it has become a lot more like the BNP instead of an anti EU party.

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Thatcher lost the plot after Willie Whitelaw had to step down due to ill health. In any case I think any Prime Minister is pushing their luck after ten years in the job.

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It's the wrong plaice for this debate.

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The leader of the opposition was prevented from running! In no way was it a free and fair election.

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I'm from Ipswich, there isn't a significant fishing industry there. Labour only won by a very narrow margin.

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As a floating voter I am happy with the BBC. These accusations of bias only come from the politically invested. I am happy to pay an annual fee to have an alternative to the genuine dross on ITV - Love Island anyone?

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I believe cannabis is a class B drug - see https://www.gov.uk/penalties-drug-possession-deal...
I don't think it should be legalised as it is implicated in mental health problems. However you could say a similar thing about alcohol.