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Didn't Lloyd George have a bedroom next to his office when he was PM for his 'extra curricular activities!'

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I never watch it. As someone who gets up for work at six in the morning it's on way too late for me and in any case I'd prefer to watch something relaxing at bedtime. I think it would get better viewing figures if it was on earlier in the evening.
I agree with the author that it had a bigger influence back in the day. In Alan Clark's diaries it sounded like an important political fixture, I don't get the impression it's like that anymore.

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No access to abortion? I don't think so.

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Where will it go? Through the lovely Fynn valley?

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I agree. No one over 5 (disabilities excepted) should be using a straw.

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You can't deduce ethnicity from the DNA profiles they would use in this scenario.

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A DNA profile in this case is just 30 or so numbers. Not much the state can do with that apart from using it for identification imo. The database won't contain people's entire genomes.

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Personally I'd ban gambling advertising completely. Why is it that sport attracts advertising from the lowest legal (in terms of advertising) vice?

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Another key development during Michael Howard's tenure as Home Secretary was the launch of the national DNA database. This would have dramatically help reduce crime but the author fails to mention it - no surprise there from the scientifically illiterate chattering classes. Funding for forensic science has also been squeezed in the last eight years, which will have a deleterious affect on reducing crime.

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I guess for the IT system they don't pay market rates so get rubbish IT staff, and hence a low quality system.