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I don't trust any of them either. Break your marriage vows and I don't trust you. It's not a party political point.

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He's clearly a man you can trust going by how he's kept his marriage vows.

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I agree - if you want to use a credit card you, the consumer, should cover the cost of it. Cash and debit card customers should be charged less.

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" He is much less good at building anything" A bit like Chairman Mao then - no good at construction, super good at destruction!

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"Not all coders need a degree"
Very true - I have worked with several coders without a degree, all of whom were very competent.
I am a coder and I do have a degree, but in life sciences - nothing related to computing!
There is still a dire shortage of IT professionals in this country, in my opinion. One way to improve the situation would be to get more women into the industry. It is very male dominated.

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Colder than last winter based on the frequency of me wearing my hat!

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"And the Accountants in the trust make appointments be sent out with second class stamps" - yep, we've had a letter for an appointment arrive after the date of the actual appointment. Madness.

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The flu (influenza) virus mutates so qucickly it is impossible to get a fully up to date vaccince released each winter. Personally I, and my kids, will have every vaccine going. I think the flu vaccination program is worth doing.

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"Rail travel that doesn’t go through London, is, like nationalisation, poor, with antiquated rolling stock. " - correct. I commute by rail to a provincial city and the rolling stock and punctuality are poor. I'm too young to remember the pre privatisation railways but the current state of affairs isn't very good, in my opinion. It's expensive and you don't get a very good product, in terms of punctuality and quality of journey, for your money.

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And millenials don't? The millenials I have worked with have been very hard working. They also, in my experience, don't drink anywhere near as much as my generation.
The point I was making is that the money from an inheritance won't typically arrive when you need it most in life. That is true of previous generations as much as millenials.