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No great loss to me :-) If they banned post meal cheese and biscuits I'd be upset!

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Born in 1970! So she would have been around 28 at the time of the Good Friday Agreement and been an adult at the time of the docklands and Manchester bombs. I was born in 1976 and remember all these events clearly, I think she is old enough to have been aware of the issues in Northern Ireland and should have had a basic understanding of them. If she had been born in 1980 perhaps she'd be too young to recollect it, but not 1970.

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I know people who used to vote Labour and now don't because of the anti semitism issue.

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For me as a working parent Sundays are the only day I can get jobs done around the house. I am out of the house for 12 hours each weekday at work, and Saturdays are spent taking the kids to various extra curricular activities. We do try and get out on Sundays but it's not always possible if there is a pressing task to be done.
You are right in that it is a case of parental responsibility.

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The House of Fraser in the city where I work (Wolverhampton) has a doorman who tips his hat to you as you enter
It's no wonder they are in trouble. People want good value not outdated traditions.

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I'm 41 and remember the end of the last IRA campaign (e.g. the docklands and Manchester bombings). Anyone younger than me won't have strong memories, if any, of it.

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Yep I enjoyed The Greatest Showman. And I'm not normally a fan of musicals.

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Lol there is a gin called 'Cromwell!' Not the most appropriate name.

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Agree about the interrupting. It really annoys me. If you are going to invite someone to appear on your program at least let them finish a sentence.

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Whoever gets elected they have to be better than Chris Mole. I have heard from several people that he was unpleasant as well as being a complete idiot.
It was a surprise that the constituency went to Labour last time. My parents live in the town and they thought Gummer was quite popular. I guess that wasn't enough for him to keep his seat.