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1) Yes, an investigation will be done on the organiser and thus, the band is not to be blame.
2) The band had sought permissions from the fans but why the fans gave affirmative answers. Thus, the fans are to be blame on this matter. As such, an investigation will be done on the fans.
3) Allegations of molesting are not from the authorities but some individuals or groups. Thus, blame them.
4) It is the first time some of you fans have witnessed but it could be first of many if not controlled.
5) I agree. Actions must also be taken on other events as well. Thus, please advocate in numbers so that the authorities are consistent in their future actions.
6) Why you are worried international community denouncing Islam. Instead you should ensure that your actions are in line with the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah. Despite of that, the rate of conversion to become Muslims is increasing from time to time.

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1) This issue is under the conflict of laws.
2) Both decisions of the Shariah and civil courts are valid based on legal theories and practices.
3) From the Shariah court perspective, when one of the spouses becomes a Muslim and he or she decides to convert the children to also become Muslims, such act is under the court's jurisdiction and considered valid.
4) From the civil court perspective, the award of custody is also valid as one of the parties before the court is a non-Muslim.
5) The onus is now on the authorities to settle the issue once and for all.
6) The authorities have to decide whether when this matter occurs, the best court to deal with it is the Shariah or civil court? or hybrid.
7) A referendum could be exercised to get feedback from the people on this matter.
8) Nevertheless, this has not been solved due to probably political interests.

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The same with the civil court not respecting the Shariah court...

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1) I used the term cultures and yes, the cultures must be in line with the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w).
2) Thus, Islam must dictate cultures and not the other way around because we do not want Islam to suffer the same fate as some other religions which allowed it to be dictated by cultures.
3) I personally do not blame the band rather than the females who attended the concert and committed such act.
4) However, why they decided to attend such event in the first place?
5) Regarding the prayers, I used the term highly recommended as it was the practices of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) and his Companions (r.a) during their era to regularly perform prayers in the mosques.
6) Why not we encourage Muslims to perform the prayers in the mosques regularly as a matter of unity and brotherhood?
7) You probably agree with me that Islamic brotherhood is highly advocated by the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w).
8) Yes, we can listen all religious talks via the modern technologies.
9) But it is the same thing with regards to reward of Allah (s.w.t) to those attending and listening such talks in the mosques or surau?
10) Again, the issue of brotherhood comes to my mind.
11) Dear friend, do you think that our religious education is not strong enough to prepare Muslims in Malaysia for future challenges?

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1) I have stated earlier that the authorities will investigate the matter before a conclusion is made.
2) It is clear that such act is prohibited in Islam.
3) Nevertheless, the authorities should also apply the same standard to others such as society leaders who commit the same act.
4) The key here is consistency of action.

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You could see from the posters...

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1) If you ask questions about Islam for clarifications than it is ok.
2) The problem is that some of them make allegation against Islam based on what they hear from those who hate Islam and not from their own reading and understanding on Islam.
3) For example, some of them allege based on hearsay that the Prophet Muhammad had a sexual relationship with an underage girl.
4) However, if they read and understanding the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah on the matter, the reality is different.
5) Sensitivism is normal for those having religion. If a religious ritual is question, then it is normal for the faithful to be sensitive.
6) Unislamic is for practices not in line with Islam. The same applies to other religion.
7) Liberalism should be understood within the context of religion. Do you agree?

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1) Yes, cannot refer to 'Allah' in Semenanjung but permitted in Sabah and Sarawak based on the agreement prior to Sabah and Sarawak joining the Federation.
2) This is decision made by the Cabinet.
3) Regarding the controversy, the onus should be on the Christians to refer to the Holy Scripture as to whether 'Allah' is referred to or not.
4) The reason is that the original language of the Bible is Greek.
5) Is 'Allah' part of the Greek language.
6) Thus, the language spoken by Jesus was Aramaic.
7) Is 'Allah' part of the Aramaic language.
8) If I am not mistaken, the Vatican representing the Catholics does not recognise 'Allah' as a term referring to God.
9) For Muslims, for more than 1400 years we refer to Allah as God as it is mentioned a lot in the Holy Qur'an in which the original language is Arabic and has not changed until now.
10) Forgive me if my comments generate sensitivity.

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All muslims?

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1) Islam teaches and reminds us to stay away from cultures not in line with Islam.
2) Is that kind of event as a culture in line with Islam?
3) Muslims including me in general believe that wrongs in our community are not because of others but of ourselves for not observing the teachings of Islam.
4) Yes, wearing tudung does not indicate your moral values.
5) However, it is part of covering aurah taught by the Prophet Muhammad.
6) Failure to do so is considered as a sin.
7) Yes. Education comes first.
8) But are Muslims striving enough to learn about Islam?
9) Why mosques are not full during five daily prayers although highly recommended by the Prophet Muhammad to perform prayers in Jamaah?
10) Why religious talks in mosques, surau, and musolla cannot attract most Muslims?
11) For all this while, honest Muslim scholars have been reminding Muslims on their responsibilities.
12) Do we follow their advice?