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14 years ago @ Entrepreneur In Training - The move to Ubuntu · 0 replies · +1 points

VirtualBox "Guest Additions" did the trick for me - now I can hit LCTRL+F and go full screen with my VM.

14 years ago @ Social Media Marketing... - Google Wave Is The Fut... · 0 replies · +1 points

Thanks for the writeup Mike. I agree that tight integration Google Docs will really push Wave over the top in terms of usefulness. Can't wait to see the UI and response time tightened up and then maybe I can start sharing this with coworkers! Well, we'd need more invites for that ;)

14 years ago @ Seek Omega - Still Some Ripples in ... · 0 replies · +1 points

I can't wait to get in on Wednesday. It will be weird playing with a buggy Google product - most of their tools have always been stable for me. GMail was rock solid from day one five years ago!

14 years ago @ Seek Omega - The 10 Best, Must Watc... · 0 replies · +2 points

Thanks for sharing! I've only seen two of these so far and I'll dig into the rest right away.

14 years ago @ Sharing at Work - Why Paul Buchheit of G... · 0 replies · +1 points

Glad to hear it! How are things going over at DMG this month?

14 years ago @ Sharing at Work - Why Paul Buchheit of G... · 0 replies · +1 points

I am right with you when it comes to knowing people rather than just tallying them up. Since I'm not explicitly selling anything on this blog I really just want to start some conversations about topics I'd like to explore. That's why more and more of my writing has shifted from this blog to Friendfeed.

It's also why I recently switched from Disqus to Intense Debate - I got tired of waiting for FF comments to my blog posts to show up inline like they do here.

15 years ago @ Twitterrati - Twitter Jumps the Corp... · 1 reply · +1 points

Are you suggesting that the perfect corporate microblog hasn't been created yet or that companies are more likely to want customized solutions?

15 years ago @ Twitterrati - Twitter Jumps the Corp... · 2 replies · +1 points

Microblogging is a huge opportunity for any business. Most of our work is still done by email which means it's private by default - no way for people to observe and participate in our workflow without being directly invited.

15 years ago @ Sharing at Work - Facebook, Devourer of ... · 0 replies · +1 points

Great to hear from you, Andy. I ought to mention that I've gotten snappy service when asking for technical help on the Gallery forums in the past, so thanks for that.

I'm not rushing to nuke my Gallery implementation just yet, but I do sometimes long for the simplicity of a hosted solution. I'm glad to know that I have near-total control of my content, but there are times when the responsiveness and low cost of flickr or Facebook make me jealous.

Thanks again for a great product. My IT background gives me an appreciation for the security and control of a self-hosted solution, and that's why I've been using Gallery for several years now.

15 years ago @ Sharing at Work - Collaboration Tools Pa... · 0 replies · +1 points

Thanks for the feedback Luis! I am adding your blog as well. Do you know of any way to integrate a Portuguese->English translation into Google Reader? I'd better find one.