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wow! well im certainly not judging yew. i mean my bestfriend has done certain boys too. but i think wat yew reallie need rite now. is just an honest friend. someone yew can tell anything to; someone who doesn't get mad over minor situations. nd yeaa yew do have ur guyfriends but yew do reallie need one good girl friendd. and the whole father cheatingg thingg; i think yew should leave it alone; becus if yew told ur mom she probably would find an excuse to abuse yew more. just let the grown ups handle their situation. as for ur mother; dnt allow her to make yew feel bac. dnt let her have that satisfaction over yew. dnt let her get to yew. find somethingg yew love most in ur life nd keep it there. havee a good time while yew can nd dnt let anyone get in the way of ur life or ur dreams. if yew need someone to tlk to you can im me on aim. xxdottiebayy (;

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exactly at first i had to admit i blamed myself for everything; but he's not worth my emotions. or being sad over. i kno i lost a friend but i think i lost him for a reason. nd i dnt regret anything cus i love my boyfriend. nd i'll always remeber the memories me and my bestfriend had with a smile. becus at the time i was thankful i had a friend lke him. but its life nd it does go on. not to mention the fact that wen he said he lked me; he was trying to tlk to lke 3 other grls that i knew. tehhe. thnxx for being there to listen ( :

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dnt let him think your not interested. you can overcome this fear you have. just gotta learn to trust him. if you reallie think the relationship is something good. try figuring out to share emotion w. him in a way that's comfortable to yu. just b careful when falling full hearted into a relationship. (;

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well i think you should b open minded. lke if he isnt acting the way he should b then dnt get discouraged. make sure he knows how wat he does affects you. its seems to me you reallie do love him if you cnt flirt w. otha guys. be careful with putting ur whole heart into the relationship if ur not sure where it's heading. comment me sometime. relationships can be so draining but if it's love it's worth it.

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omgg. this made me really think. wow; im pretty much speechless! i dont even kno wat to say. but i can relate to the heart wrenching feeling. this was deep. loved it.

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amazing; where did you get ur inspiration from. read my creatvie writing piece and tell me what you think of it.

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well i read a book that dealt w. a young lady suffering in the aftermath of rape. so i put myself in her shoes and tried to bring her experience to life. i dnt know i sort of felt the situation as if it was me, lke i felt the pain and all the emotion.. weirdd... but it all just came to me; so i wrote it. and thank you.

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thank you for the advice. i am thankful that i had a friend like him nd all the memories we had; and all the times we laughed. i except him as a friend nd he promised me that even though i didnt lke him in that way we would always be friends. I don't distance myself from him. we talk but then randumly in the hallway he gives me dirty looks. nd i do like him as a friend and i asked him if he had trouble or felt awkward with us being friends. nd he just blew up on me in the hallway. nd now he avoids me nd he's really obnoxious. i feel lke i lost a friend, but there is probably a reason why i lost him.. but thank you for your incite. nd anytime you have an incite on my blogs; feel free to say something.

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although your friend lked him; you always thought about it maybe becus you know or think it should b you nd him not her nd him. if he's still interested i think you should ask ur friend if she minds and tell her how you felt bout him. if ur comfortable w/ that.

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wow! well i think you shoult of told him how you felt when you would've been able to. you probably think of him all the time becus you reallie did lke him a lot. and the saying if you want something enuff you shouldn't let anyone get in tha way of you getting it. i think you guys should tlk wen you go bck to camp. there might b a chance he lkes someone else so.. yesh hopefully he doesn't and you can tell him how you feel. but b careful wen you tell him; find out if he's still interested in you b4 you tell him how you feel. even if he doesnt lke you (god forbid) you still should tell him. get me ?