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Now if we could just get Arizona and Utah...

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Maybe Barry should have prayed before he Googled?

You know it's funny, because a couple weeks ago when this was actually a hot topic I was googling "obama" in images and on the first page were all the pictures from the news stories of Obama's birth certificate. I don't know that I'd want to have my birth certificate pictured all over the web... but you know you're not going to google McCain and get his birth certificate. The depths to which the right has gone with this is amazing... and the idea that the birth certificate still isn't available, or that a judge ordered it...

Poor Barry. Doesn't he realize that he reason he's getting nothing viable on his search is because the conditions he puts forth in the search don't exist?

I wish I knew what two sites he had listed as being the ones he visits frequently... I can imagine what kind of right wing propaganda rags he reads!

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:) Thanks Eric!

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Daisy, that's exactly why I've sent them both to the Media Arts Collaborative Charter School. Both will come out of high school having had internships in film, TV and radio. Tay is serious enough that she's spent the summer holidays, after talking to an animator at the open houses, getting out books on drawing and improving her skills. I'll have to put up some of her work here later so you can see... she's really getting quite good. This summer she's worked on people, dragons and wolves (so you can see what her animation is about) and has written some 13 screenplays for 30 minute episodes of her anime series. She's also working on producing manga, and will be selling some of her work on my cafepress shop later this year.

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I don't wonder. Palin is right wing, conservative and fundamentalist. You can be pretty sure that her mom hasn't given her a box of condoms.

I DO wonder if Bristol was allowed to attend sex education class, and what that involved in her school, or if she's an abstinence only child.

I've looked at the videos and the photos, and disagree with those who feel that they're conclusive that Palin was not pregnant. There are a lot of reports coming out... some say that she was on an airplane returning to give birth to Trig after her water broke... and all sorts of stuff. I don't think this is the kind of thing that will ever be sorted out, and there are certainly a lot of inconsistencies in the whole situation that are arguable for both sides.

What I find interesting is the amount of coverage this is getting, and the venom on both sides over this. It's fascinating to me that such a thing would inspire such a fervor on the net, and how anyone could think that this were something that is "bad" in any sense, or that it should eclipse the issues in this election.

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OK... let's look at some of this point by point.

First: Downs syndrome is much more common in older women: true, but that isn't conclusive proof, and conclusive proof isn't the point of this post anyway. What I'm asking is what does it matter either way.(more on that in a minute)

Second: This has been all over the blogsphere. Sure, the DailyKos has made it a big story, but they didn't originate it.

3rd: Liberals don't understand conservatives? Oh come on, pul-eez! Having grown up in a conservative family and having been a conservative most of my life myself, I think I understand perfectly well.

Conservatives sadly don't look at things beyond "me" and "my" :My country, my religion, my people. Liberals look at things in terms of the universal. "many countries" "many religions" "many people". Your comment , Sous (and your blog!) shows this perfectly. You worry about smears from the left (why do the left care if the baby is hers or her daughters?) yet your blog is purely a mudslinging site. Because, no doubt, if a liberal does something "bad" it's true, but if a conservative does something "bad" it's either a forgivable mistake, or a lie/smear.

The idea of what's "bad" is different between the liberal and conservative mindset. Conservatives talk a lot about "character" in terms of "values" and what can only be referred to as sin. To conservatives, should the story turn out to be true, the "bad" thing would be a teen/unwed pregnancy. For Liberals "character" is judged by openness and consistency. If the story were true, the "bad" thing would be the lie and the cover up.

I contend that there isn't anything bad in here at all. Who cares? I certainly don't. But it's interesting that the point of the blog: in any case, and even in the worst case, why would this matter? is lost in the rush of people who want to chose up sides over whether or not this happened, whether it was right, whether it was wrong.

What has happened is that there's a story out there... and it's getting a heck of a lot more attention than it should be getting from BOTH sides of the aisle.

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yes! that would be great!

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now Christopher, didn't I sign my email "Kate"?


You just let me know when you need me. I'm always open. The blog that I'm hosting it on is a blog/meme celebrating the diversity of life, so it's not like there will be a time when it wouldn't "fit" thematically somehow ;)