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I agree on Magik. The nice thing about her, is they can even introduce her as a young girl, have her suddenly teleport away on a stepping disk (to everyone's surprise) and then search for her in a sequal.

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You know how racist always claim they have a black friend? You can tell they're not a friend but an acquaintance because a real friend would stop them from saying the stupid crap they always say. Ayone who really had black friends would know better....

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I forget wasn't the 90's when America had a great economy, was the world's only super power, helped broker a peace treaty in Ireland and stop the slaughter in the Balkans? I'm so confused maybe I was smoking too many bongs and watching porn back then.

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White privilege is awesome

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Remember the GOP's outrage when Sen. Reid called the Bundy ranch hooligans a bunch of domestic terrorist? Hm......

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If you buy me another beer I'll tell you a secret.....

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I going to start a new jogging movement: "black people with hoodies running on both sides of the street" that way all the racist will have to walk on the yellow lines. After a few weeks of excess roadkill, problem solved!

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Who you gonna believe? True American patriots or your lying eyes?

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The bible contains words we don't speak in our homes either (we're not big into "thee", "thou", and "jehova jireh"). Call the police!!!!

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Good thing he just didn't block their tweets.....