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We the People can always be certain about one thing, the US Government will be wagging whatever dog it can to glean more power for itself and its corporate elite. It thrives on the population's ignorance, apathy, and arrogance to manipulate the masses into giving up whatever rights they erroneously believed they had in the first place.

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I hadn't thought of the nuclear industry, Smugly. Interesting.
There are many reasons this "pandemic" could be happening. It's a perfect storm to stop the election in its tracks, cover up the oil crash/bail-out, AND the bonus of keeping the population contained when it realizes how fragile this house of cards is. I hope we can come out of this learning better ways of structuring our economies and lives, but the reality is, that most people are set in their ignorant ways and just don't have the imagination for a better world.

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Never underestimate the power of evil governments to use every opportunity to grab more power. This government has spent twenty years and trillions of dollars to build Hitler's wet dream of surveillance, prisons, and the end of civil liberties. They've shown their fascist colors over and over, but the American people just bend over and take whatever the bastages dish out.
A virus is the perfect scenario for keeping people in lockdown mode, and they're going to milk it to the hilt. "You vil obey for the safety and security of ze homeland!"

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Why are there are always trillions for corporate wars, trillions for corporate bailouts, but never any of OUR tax dollars left for simple health care for hundreds of millions of We the Peoples left out here in the viral darkness?!
Jeez, our tax dollars dropped 7,423 bombs on Afghanistan in 2019 alone. It's time We the People spent those trillions of war dollars on building lives instead of devastating them. Imagine how life would be now if our tax dollars had dropped 10 or 20 million dollars worth of food and seeds, medical supplies, and other life-supporting items on Iraq instead of a trillion dollars worth of devastation, slaughtering and maiming our own kids in the process. Bring the war money home. It's time to stop bombing and start building.

Instead of trillions to billionaires, our tax dollars SHOULD be spent passing out mass immune stimulants, like vitamin C, garlic, healthy food, and (effective) water filters to every person.

Instead of dropping bombs today, the US Government should immediately create thousands of small, emergency solar installation teams working around the clock to offset power use to prevent the inevitable black/brown outs. Bring those soldiers home and fund their saving of the world instead of their slaughtering it.

We the Peoples' government should teaching everyone to grow their own and others' food wherever possible, supplying them with the tools to maximize food-for-all production. Greens and beans are easy to grow. The stores are empty. It's way past time to create community food systems. Turn parks into food forests. (Why isn't that already a common practice?!) Practice guerrilla gardening.

We need a peace economy, starting with industrial hemp to heal the planet and create millions of jobs growing and producing millions of superior products. It only takes 14 weeks to start growing superior food, clothing, housing, fuels, medicines, plastics, and myriad other amazing products.

Rise - Love - Divest from WAR!

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"Putting country first." Sorry, but supporting Biden is NOT "putting the country first."

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So long, Tulsi! You are more aligned with Bernie's platform, but support/endorse Biden, the biggest war monger of the crowd. I made a beautiful ceramic necklace that said, Bernie - Tulsi - 2020 on it. I am going to ceremoniously smash it with a hammer today, as a personal protest of her support of the immoral, braindead candidate. I'm at a loss of what else to do. It's such a helpless feeling to watch the bad guys take over completely. And now we're nearing medical martial law. Goddess help us all. God hasn't. He appears to be on the side of the moneychangers.

Tulsi is a traitor of the people. Doublespeak - "I'm proud to serve in the regime change wars I speak so vehemently against."

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The civilian militia doesn't have tanks, drones, fighter aircraft, sound cannons that blow peoples' ears out, nor any of what it takes to fight the DHS army our tax dollars have bought the state in the last 20 years. The government doesn't have masks, nor virus tests to save the population, but by god it has plenty of weapons to kill them if they don't go along with the security measures the US has planned for them. Be safe or DIE!

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My disdain for the American people comes from its warmongering ways. Its slaughter of innocents by the gazillions in the name of righteousness is as sick as it gets. It spends trillions on war, while all systems fall apart at home. America can't afford healthcare, but it can afford 32 MILLION DOLLARS AN HOUR ON WAR! Don't got no medical masks, or viable tests, but we've got tons of weapons to blow the world apart at the seams, cause that's how Amerika rolls.
Garlic, Vitamin C, and other immune stimulating remedies should be passed out at every public place people are still allowed to gather. Fresh food should be the order of the day. Regenerative agriculture should get the billions in farm subsidies, not GMO corn, soy, and beets. We need healthy food, natural immune stimulants, clean water, and all the other KNOWN elements of health, not more of the sickness care crap that does nothing for health and everything for profit. They'll milk everything they can get from this "pandemic." Maybe it's hyperbole, maybe it's not, but it WILL be a moneymaker for the medical industry.
These are two reasons I have such little respect for the American people.

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They've used our tax dollars for 20 years to build an army against We the People as well as the rest of the planet. I remember one publicized DHS purchase about eight years ago of 470 million hollow-point bullets - nearly 1.5 bullets for every American.
All I can do right now is plant as many fruit, veggie, herb, and flower seeds as possible and hope we all live til harvest time. Goddess help us all.

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That's why he has a HUGE following, jondoe2561! Many, if not most Americas are as dumb as rocks. They believe book-learnin' is a waste of time, except for God's book, that has now been erroneously interpreted to mean the Earth is in its End Times. They believe foreign policy should be dictated by God's Word, no matter how warped God's word seems. We just have to have faith that after all this craziness happens, God will take His faithful minions to a place with streets of gold. (I'm not talking about all Christians.)
Trump gets away with his language because he's a rich and powerful dick who can do what he wants because he's so rich and powerful. He merely has to utter dismissive gibberish to beat any opponent, or anyone who dares speak against him and his followers go wild with lust for that kind of power.
Jim Bakker, criminal/fraudulent televangelist has started, "Trump's Evangelical Army of God," that gives apocolypse "gifts" to supporters. Send $137 and get "Banquet in a Bucket," over two-hundred DELICIOUS freeze-dried meals for the End Times. These types of people are frighteningly ignorant and frighteningly powerful and easily led down the road to Zion by the likes of Trump. And they're running a LOT of the world now. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.