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The US empire is the scum of the Earth. And its people are blind to its evil. Ignorance, arrogance, and apathy rule.

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If you're tired of corporate ownership of food, here's one way to invest in local communities:
Slow Money teaches communities how to invest in their own food sources.

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Sounds like the race to kill the planet is still going strong. 5G is damaging to the Earth's electrical field, as is AI, when governments use it to dominate all living things. All I see in this article is the demise of Mother Earth. Total global domination by men with giant hammers who only see the world as so many nails to pound the shit out of. What we need, is a matriarchal movement to reign in the testosterone poisoned fucks who would cut off their noses to spite their faces, as well as all the faces on Earth. What the hell is WRONG WITH PEOPLE that they can justify the death of the planet in order to rule it?

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I have little faith in the ignorant, arrogant, screen-addicted population to stand up for anything, except more pizza and beer.

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"I appreciate the need to squeeze Maduro," Engel said.
Nuff said. The US Government has zero right/zero reason to "squeeze" ANY president of any nation, and if they did, it should start with the Prince of Chainsawdiarabia, who murders and dismembers dissenting journalists, blows up school kids by the busloads, brutally slaughters thousands, creates the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world, and holds weekly be-headings in the town square for sorcery and the like. But instead of calling for "regime change," the US Government rewards the Prince of Death (of a KINGDOM with ZERO ELECTIONS) with hundreds of billions of dollars in weapons and a base to refuel his planes of death and destruction. So hey, let's invade Venezuela cause their elections are fraudulent!

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Thank you, President Maduro.
Judging by the level of abject evil that runs the US Empire, I've always been of the mindset that "REGIME CHANGE BEGINS AT HOME!" The US Government has been criminally and morally out of control since its inception, slaughtering everyone and destroying everything in the name of righteousness every step of the way.
We will fight them though, until the children of the poor eat as well as the dogs of the rich.

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I have been sickened every day since I was 16 and realized that my church, that had taught me the love of Jesus, backed the Marines from Camp Pendleton who went to slaughter little brown children in Vietnam because their government sucked. I watched in horror as this evil government stole our kids right out of high school and forced them to commit atrocities in the name of righteousness. I have been speaking out ever since, much to the dismay of my Southern Baptist, military family. God and country are synonymous to these whack jobs, who worship the false idol of the American flag as if its nation could do no wrong, when wrong is virtually all it does. Their own book tells them that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, but Christians' hypocritical defense of capitalism continues to boggle my mind. The US government is the biggest terrorist organization in the world and has been since its inception. Denial is not a river in Egypt. It's an American institution. "We have to kill them over there so we won't have to kill them over here." Some Christians even believe it's better to slaughter children before they reach the age of accountability in order to save their eternal souls from Islam, the false religion. (As if ANY patriarchal religion has validity.) The three main religions of "patriarchal psychopathology," (GREAT term!), has us on the brink of planetary destruction. Thanks for the article. You are not alone in your outrage.

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"They’re barely even concealing their desire to control our minds anymore, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to wake everyone up to their manipulations."
The sad thing, is that most Americans don't even care if they're manipulated. Americans are very lazy minded people for the most part, who'll jump on any sort of bullshit that comes down the pike. Like "The two towers collapsed into dust because of the jet fuel melted all the steel in the building's frame." "They're out ta git us, so we need to attack the entire Middle East and Venezuela too because they're terrorists! (With resources we want!)

Maybe Congress should officially redact the First Amendment to make it official that there isn't one anymore.

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Jeez, Louise! The US is bat shit crazy! Get religion out of politics! God's REAL "chosen people" are the indigenous peoples who honored the creation, not some patriarchal bunch of crap based on the first lie that the world was created 6,000 years ago. This "faith" based foreign policy is absolutely insane!

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"The investigation found details of a C.I.A. mission with tactical successes that have come at the cost of alienating the Afghan population. One former senior Afghan security official bluntly accused the strike forces of war crimes."
As if it's only the CIA that's alienating the population of every nation the US invades with impunity! The US Government is a walking war crime. Everywhere it goes, death for dollars follows. Twenty veterans a day aren't killing themselves because they were ordered to act with honor. In 2003, Rumsfeld's DoD changed the Soldier's Creed from a theme of "acting honorably" to the theme of "completing the mission at all cost." The CIA is only the teeny tip of the giant iceberg of war crimes committed by the US and its evil minions.