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I already posted these back in November.

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Yeh that's funny, I thought that Greg wrote this?? :s

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Beware, a lot of the achievements in this game are completely glitched and cannot be unlocked (unless the Devs patch it) including a door leading to last 5 treasure chests being glitched shut, weapons that are inaccessible, and if you complete single player first, multiplayer achievements will refuse to unlock.

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Yeh there are just those suspicious secret achievements which could be something like 'finish the game in under an hour without taking a hit' or something equally insane, kind of a bloody palace moment? Hope not anyway.

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I hope the voice acting is just as shit as it was in the first, oh god I've never laughed so much as I did at the lines in that game!

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It's actually a really good game Koga, completely under-rated though.

I think it's problem was it had a very cartoony art style, so looked like a kids game, but wow were the achievements insanely hard! It was some sort of insane mix between action/puzzle/platforming. Definitely worth a rent if you ever see it, even just for the experience.

I see what you mean about the 4 years thing, but then how much time was inbetween Banjo Kazooie games? (I know Nuts & Bolts is a more spiritual sucessor than direct sequel but still)

Either way, like you said - as long as no one messes with my beloved squirrel I'm not overly concerned (though the overall fact that games are confirmed as being cancelled to make room for Natal does have me a touch worried)

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As far as I can tell from Rare's own site, we are still go for Perfect Dark XBLA , thank the lord.

Here's hoping I don't have to stand on one leg and waggle my left hand in an anti-clockwise direction to reload...

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LMAO yeh that or one of my personal favourites from Halo 2:

"Back in my day, we didn't have fancy tanks, we had sticks. Two sticks and a rock for the entire platoon. And we had to SHARE the rock. "

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Hahaha yeh there were 420 flags all in all in Assassins Creed. First time I played through a flag glitched on me so I had to replay the entire game again to get it - well annoying! Second time it nearly happened again because I somehow managed to pick up a flag - I shit you not - THROUGH a memory barrier, but luckily I realised what had happened or my count would have been way off, and three times for one flag would be too much even for me!!

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Yeh from what I've seen it's very similar to Shadow Complex. Give me a sec I will add in a gameplay trailer (sorry never thought to do that for some reason XD )