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This character is another reason good Americans are turning away from church. We are staying home and praying without those type of people distorting our faith. Joel is the one who is not christian. Joel and Obama can both burn in hell.

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The people elected these traitors to office and they have shown just how liberal socialist act. Obama's cabinet and all of congress needs to face justice for being traitors and only we the people can do that. When we are reduced to 3rd world status maybe the people will stand up and do the right thing and eradicate these terrorist.

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Our congress is worse than any MAFIA ever was. Everyone of them that was elected before 2010 should be jailed and tried for treason and punished to max allowed.

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How many times has Knaus been caught cheating. Nascar needs to impose more serious fines for constant cheaters,Like pulling Johnson Championship. Nascar has become sideshow.

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Most Americans today would sell out their country for a five spot. They cannot stand the truth. I will die before selling out my country. Live free or die trying.

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Robert: Who do you want to bring charges against Obama? Who will put cuffs on him. He owns congress and supreme court. He has more illegals and dead people voting for him than are registered. We are backed into corner and his impeachment won't happen. Conservatives in congress amount to maybe a dozen. You are right,we are the government if we decide to enforce it.

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Why tell people that congress would impeach this liar. With senate controlled by liberal democrats it WILL NOT HAPPEN. remember Clinton,he had senate in his pocket. He has Supreme court in his pocket with illegal judges. The situation is troubling as most American that hope he is impeached don't know that it is impossible under current congress. November elections will be stolen from the people and Obama will have martial law imposed on USA. Wake up Americans before you are enslaved by King Obama.

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By any means

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Liberals dont like people who believe in our constitution.Those who believe are on the enemy list of White House.

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Not only our guns,but our ;and and money and our life. Under Muslim laws we are all DEAD. Time to unite and stop the insanity in White House.