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The important thing about the business plan, in the early stages, is to make sure you have answers to important questions, like:

- Will it ever be profitable? How?
- How will I sell it and to whom? Does anybody want this thing?

It's too easy to think "gee, wouldn't it be cool to have a website that does X" and making the site without figuring out if and when anyone would ever spend any time or money there...

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Probably going to work like Shaw here in Canada - if you pass the limit they send you a little letter saying "please watch your bandwidth use or we'll disconnect you". I think they don't monitor every connection, which is why they wouldn't be offering a bandwidth meter quite yet. They just watch for certain parts of the network using a lot of bandwidth and install monitoring at that location. It's cheaper that way...

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It's smart to be the most popular because that creates a kind of momentum - more people using blackberry makes blackberry contagious, especially in a business environment where there's the blackberry server that will mean IT departments may adopt blackberry as a standard if enough people are using it. So, it's a bid to capture market share, and probably a good use of cash they have in reserve.

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Hey, who says arranged marriages are not happy relationships ?

However, since Twitter is basically a simplified version of Facebook's newsfeed I can't really see how Twitter would "integrate" into Facebook except to disappear into it.

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I think this is something twitter grader is going for as well. I think followers would only be part of the heuristic for calculating influence. For example, followers who follow thousands of other people are not as influenced by your tweets as followers who follow only a few other people. Followers who are never online aren't as influenced either. You'd need a PageRank-like "juice" heuristic...

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Actually Facebook currently imports my delicious bookmarks, twitter, and so on to my feed, and I can also put RSS feeds into twitter, so there is a growing amount of integration even with Facebook and Twitter. Still, it's nice to have more services to connect the dots, like TwitchBoard, but I wonder how these auxiliary services will pay for themselves given how easy it is for Twitter themselves to replicate this functionality?

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One thing they could lift restrictions on for a fee is the use of the API - right now it's common to run out of API juice, so third-party apps are slower as a result.

Another interesting area would be widgets; by partnering with services like Amazon or iTunes users could put their "favorites" on their homepage and Twitter could collect commissions if people browsing happen to see it. If it integrated with Windows Media Player or Pandora so it automatically updated and tweeted new songs you listen to, perhaps it would drive a lot of clicks, who knows?

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I wonder what proportion of twitter users are actually using the Twitter web site? I rarely do - I use TweetDeck. Would API client be required to display ads as well?

I think it's likely Twitter will be sold to someone and become a loss leader for them, kind of like Microsoft IE used to be there to force people to use Windows, Twitter will encourage people to use some other brand.

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Maybe we need another blog post "how to lead". I think by leading you will gain more followers and you won't have to follow so many people in order to do so.