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No offense taken at all, Thomas. I appreciate your comments and you are always welcome here because you DO respect this house.

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Hey Nick,

You could definitely NOT get away with running the same product with the same ad. You would have to come up with a new and improved product with a new twist... and a new ad, too.

Like I said in the video, I think this guy is missing some major hot buttons with both the course and his ad. I would come up with an ad that hit on those HARD.

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OK, everybody. That's enough of beating up Ron.

Even though I've enjoyed this lively exchange of differing opinions... this is turning into a "cesspool of negativity." (Swiped that from John Carlton, one of my favorite wordsmiths).

And that's one of the big problems with Web 2.0.

For example, Michel Fortin had a GREAT blog for copywriters that he had to totally shut down due to the ever prevalent cesspool of negativity that creeps in when you expose your soul and open things up to every Tom, Dick & Harry. (Usually it's mostly the "Dicks" who respond. Not so much Tom & Harry.)

Anyhoo... back off of Ron.

Ron is probably a good guy. A fallible human being like all of us, trying to do the best he can... who simply wanted to express a deeply held spiritual belief.

He obviously felt threatened and offended by something I said (wasn't my intention) and did what any emotional and fallible human being (that's ALL of us, BTW) would do. He felt backed in a corner and felt obligated to defend himself.

I have apologized for offending him.

Now everybody, please... back off.

Even though I've been told by many other exceptionally good and experienced marketers to do it, I don't really want to turn off the blog comments.

But if people continue to disrespect this house, they will be turned off. And I don't want to let a handful of assholes ruin for the rest of the decent people.

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I've never had to censor my blog comments. Most people have respected this house, until recently.

Thomas, I know your story, what you've accomplished and what you've had to overcome to accomplish it.

You've had to surmount heart-breaking obstacles and challenges... things most people in the US can't even to BEGIN to imagine.

If people think it's hard here... multiply that by approximately a factor of 10 for you. (Maybe more.)

You know I have mucho respect for you.

There are very, very few warriors like you.

And that is why I keep pouring my heart into this blog when I don't need to... and would actually prefer to play.


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Peter seems to have deleted his comment just when things we're getting fun.

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There were never any negative comments directed at you personally, Ron.

But I have to admit... I've enjoyed our little diatribe. It takes guts to do what you've been doing... attacking somebody in their own house.

Here's something some people might find a little funny...

The only guy in this little exchange who has never professed to be a Christian is the one who is going to do what Jesus said to do:

Ron, I've obviously offended you and I'm sorry for that. I ask for your forgiveness.

Now let's move on to making things happen and enjoying life.

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That's a really good witness, Ron. You'll win a lot of converts that way. :)

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I have given almost all of my best marketing lessons FREE on this site. Why don't you read them and take action?

If you have, then it is obvious you haven't taken action. That's par for the course. And I'm sick of it.

I find it interesting that you registered for my FREE seminar in November and I responded by e-mail and asked for a little further information. For some reason, I never got a response from you. So I reached out my hand to invite you for some free in-person help... but you did not respond.

Now this is a very typical reaction. Most people want help as long as they don't have to take any action.

Here's a very important lesson I learned this year:

Pretentious pricks with an entitlement attitude don't deserve my help. And when I HAVE given it, 100% of them NEVER took action. So I will no longer cast my pearls before swine.

It is impossible to turn a loser into a winner, no matter how much you "help" them.

Grow up and help YOURSELF. That's how ALL the truly successful people had to do it.

And PLEASE unsubscribe from my blog. I want people like you as far from me as possible. I don't want whatever it is you're infected with to rub off on me.

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This is awesome, Guillermo! I LOVE to hear about people dusting off a dream and pursuing it.

Break a leg!