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It’s OK Newt. Soon you will, like many of your type before you, be born again and as new as ever. You think deceiving your conscious is as easy as deceiving others.

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Or else? What an stupid gesture, Madam secretary. Perhaps 10 years ago, before attacking Iraq, you could intimidate Iran but not today. Thanks to stupidity of those attacked Iraq, Iran is much more stronger than you thing and has many more allies in the region than the U.S. ever had. Madam secretary, this administration and that of previous idiots, better tell us what have we achieved in Iraq and Afghanistan despite of trillions of dollars we’ve sent into pockets of Military Industrial Complex and DOD contractors.

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Vow, Ahmadinejad is back in NYC, let the party on and call all NYC jews to come. This brave midget, left his war with the great muleaa unfinished and came to NYC to see his Jewish brethren. Have fun Ahmadinejad, you don’t know what Muleaa Khamenei and other muleaas are cooking in your absence.

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What else a thug like dictator of Venezuela could say? He is so dumb and blind that can't see power of people, just like Saddam Hussein, Ghadafi, Assad and that Mullah in Iran, they are scared to see realities on the ground.

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Get off your F****** bureaucratic practices and let the ship starts doing what it came here to do, its been here for nearly one week sitting idle for a damned permit, permit for what? You think it can make more mess that we already are in.

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Wrong. Iranians have been attending U.S. universities and colleges for nearly a century. They also have a high percentage of well-educated people from the Europe and their own universities. Some of their universities if not better are equal to ours. There are about one million Iranians in the U.S. and from within them you see many college professors, scientism and successful businessmen and women. If we distant people from their present repressive regime, we'll find a highly educated and sophisticated nation. With a Democratic regime Iranian can grow faster than what we have seen in recent history.

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Iranian nation have turned their back to Islamic regime and it's revolutionary guards, which have been behind every type of crime in their country. Under sanction and isolation by the rest of the world, it’s planning another conflict, which might save crooks and criminals running this regime. We have to keep tightening our grip by sanctions and next reductions of diplomatic relation by those countries still have relation.

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I feel sorry for those Iranians who have been waiting for America's slogan of Human Rights Bull Shit turns into real action. Poor bastards been dying just for believing that America, France, Britain etc mean what they say. America has always been main supporter of dictators and fascist regimes, remember the shah, Sadam Hossein, Saudi Arabia, Egypt’s Mobarak etc? If you want freedom forget about America or France, or the rest of the world, take your gun and fight for your freedom as other free nations have done.

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You see, our "leaders" don't want to resolve this problem; this Illegal BS has become their bedtime game. If they seriously wished to stop illegal immigrant they would've gone after the employers who are hiring Illigals. Is it not true that those poor people put their own life on the line to make a few bucks? Well, if thy find the well is dried, would they still keep coming? I don't think so. This is another disease of capitalist greed. After all our senators, presidents and other high rankings in government are servants of capitalists who spent money to get them their jobs.

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Ya, morons who depended on your BS as their guiding light rather than their own brains are lost what to or whom to run to when they have a question, after all their lack of intellect made you billionaire.