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Trudeau might not be a racist but he's certainly guilty of racial ambiguity responses. It's not like he daubed some fake tan on his hands and face. He went for the full on Blacked Up appearance. Unforgivable among his woke aware following. That will just about finish him off at the polls.

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I am still discombobulated by the assertion he asked HM to intervene in the Scottish Indie Ref. Am I the only one that thinks such information should be subject to the 30 year rule? All he's done is put the Queen in an invidious position and fuelled a sense of grievance among the Nats, as if they needed any further excuse.

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Trusts can be put into special measures for a number of reasons, overspend, failure to meet waiting list targets etc There are more serious reasons such as breaching the NHS charter.
What Salem was suggesting was that Whips Cross was putting patients at risk from a lack of staff. That is an arlamist accusation. No Chief Executive will want that hanging over them due to the legal implications as the North Staffordshire Trust demonstrated.

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No, cleaners/ hotel services, catering, instrument sterilisation, laundry have all been outsourced to the lowest common bidder and those are just facilities I have immediately recalled off the top of my head.

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A Tory PM being lambasted by a partisan member of the public is a bit like a dog biting a man; par for the course. I can remember the TV clip of Cameron being ordered out of an orthopaedic Ward at UCH by a Consultant with strong links to the Labour Party.
What I have issues with in the Omar Salem clip is he propagating an impression that the paediatric Ward is unsafe because of staffing levels. Things might be bad in the NHS but they are not yet so bad that Trusts break their duty of care. It remains a Consultant lead service and in conditions of extremis consultants provide primary care.
In addition Whips Cross must be one the busiest Hospitals in London with a catchment area in excess of 2 million and in excess of 5k A+E attendances a day.

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I'm thinking of Merkel, who gave the impression that any side discussion could occur only after A50 was triggered after which all negotiations were handled by Brussels.
The situation in the US probably has more to do with the Freedom of Information Act which has been in existence for far longer than equivalent legislation in the UK.

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You should read Sir Ivan Rogers take on the A50 process. Your contributions are reminiscent of an erstwhile ConHome poster who laboured under the sobriquet June Showers, much of which was opinionated nonsense.

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At least we can say that the British side have learnt from May's mistakes. EU negotiating policy is to leak, denigrate and dismiss any proposal as soon as released. Even Robbins admitted that May having allowed herself to be goaded into triggering A50 before having a clear strategy had played into Brussels hands. Why should HMG make its plans public and give it's opponents 5 weeks to undermine them?

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An Edinburgh professor of Constitutional Law and advisor to the HOL on constitutional affairs summed up the Supreme Court case thus; there has been no change to the prorogative powers of the crown in 300 years. Parliament has never sought to change the arrangement. On what grounds the noble Lords would seek to intervene without case precedent is what this case will turn on.
Having said that the decision to prologue was political. It buys Johnson breathing space prior to the 31/10 deadline. He has not prologue Parliament over the exit date. Now THAT would be difficult to defend.

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That is not the decision of the noble judges learned in law. In short they ruled that No Deal is not precluded in the GFA.