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When did MOD procurement change from. Just in case to just in time?

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You certainly wouldn't vote Corbyn. He is the synthesis of the anti patriot.

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I felt Gordon Brown's decision to bring military injuries under the NHS umbrella was a grave mistake. The separate treatment of veterans was a tacit acknowledgement of their sacrifice to the nation. In addition elective procedures were also carried out in Military Hospitals when the local NHS units struggled to meet its targets.
Probably to late now to reverse.

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Someone should have asked Fairbairn what business has done to invest in training locally rather than recruit de novo from overseas. I live near an industrial hub that had major manufacturers BAE, Rolls Royce, GKN. It was not that long ago that these companies would offer apprenticeships to the local schools. Many of the Independent contractors now running their own businesses started off at these companies.
I doubt Corbyn will succeed in regulating the Labour market or extracting much tax from big companies. They'll simply move to regions where they are offered fiscal contingencies; lower taxation, cheap labour and minimal environmental regulation.

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That's one hell of an assertion. The Queen may have stronger support among the public irrespective of political inclination. I doubt that extends to the minor Royals.
Just how the Conservative Party is disadvantaged by Prince Andrew's tactical miscalculation escapes me.

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It's hard to believe CCHQ could be so slow to denigrate Labour Policy. Corbyn and MacDonnell will pursue a Marxist strategy of State control of Capital- Land, Property and Industry. If economic growth could be funded by printing money Zimbabwe and Venezuela would be in the G7.
Lest the more comfortable might think that a currency depreciation would inflate their assets. MacDonnell has publicly stated he'll be after those as well.

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The figures include A and E departments and minor injury units. You are quite right to raise discrepancies of interpretation. I heard one disreputable SNP spokesperson omitting the minor injury unit figures in England so as to provide the Scottish NHS with more advantageous outcomes.

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No. If it was simply falling GP numbers they could better compensate for early retirement and vacant posts. It's also increased patient demand and a general loss of confidence in the GP out of hours service which largely stemmed from Labour's decision to remove the need for local practices to continue to provide on call continuity of care.

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Health care provision is directly related to population size. The Royal College of Emergency Medicine data for the last 5 years shows that A and E attendances have increased by 600k year on year of which only 26% required Hospital admission. Which rather puts paid to your assertion that every attendee is an accident or an emergency. In fact said College has coined the term " Anything and Everything" for out of hours attendances.

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I used to work in the NHS. There was a time that the A and E department I was attached to worked to the 4 hour breach time as opposed to the clinical need because the managers obsessed avoiding breach times.
With falling GP numbers. Inability to get appointments and the cessation of GP contracts for on call where do you think the next port of call for patients falls. You do the Math.