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retweeted and signing up! Would be happy to win any of those :)

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I hope other companies follow suit. I would love to have some various avatar game shirts but no way am I spending actual money for them. For the price of some of the avatar gear I could buy an actual game!

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Just a misunderstanding. I didn't say Gears was the first, I was just saying that from what I've seen Gears was just the first that came to mind. I thought "Horde" much like how some people think "Halo" when you say FPS.

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I loved Army of Two so much. I can't wait for this. Aside from the Co-op I thought the multiplayer in the game was the only thing that was lacking and this seems to remedy that. While I will agree that these modes do seem to be getting a bit played out they are still fun. Hopefully this will have some tweaks that make it different enough from Gears.

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I think Blu-ray is overrated. I'm quite happy with HD streaming from Netflix. The jump in quality from VHS to DVD was huge but going from DVD to Blu-ray isn't as big a deal.

It seems like MS is leaning more towards digital delivery anyway, so adding a Blu-ray drive wouldn't make sense. Perhaps when the next gen rolls around they may need Blu-ray discs simply because of the massive storage space. Who knows? For all we know the next gen console games could be sold on 16 gig flash drives.

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Starting November I'm sure CoD Modern Combat 2 and L4D2 will make themselves cozy on that list for quite some time

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Woot! Thank you so much!

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I find it funny how so many people were freaking out that Kurt Cobain was an unlockable character in GH but no one will be making a fuss that Freddie Mercury, one of the greatest vocalists in the history of rock, will be portrayed as a singing toy.

I personally don't mind, I'm just coming from that camp that thinks people put Cobain on some higher platform than everyone else.

I can't wait to play this, I think its going to be a blast.

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A few good tracks on there but not enough for me to warrant a purchase. I'll Gamefly it and play for a little while and then send back. I hope some of these tracks pop up on Rock Band.

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I finally got the game yesterday. I can't stand Jack Black but I will admit he does a good job voice acting in this. The writing is very funny and fits really well with the theme of the game and doesn't feel forced.

The music is awesome and it is really fun to play. Very much worth the wait.