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Clergy will not run for political office: this is the separation of church and state. The current definition is a progressive definition that the church is willing to accept.

There is NO Constitutional clause "seperation of church and state and millions are sick and tired of this DANGEROUS fable and also couldn't care anyless about Jefferson's statement. It does not exist, in our Constitution or anyplace else, it is NOT insinuated either. This IS UNACCEPTABLE.
And yes,The Church has the right to speak,preach and teach exactly why or why not a politician is appropriate-freedom of speech never ended at the door.


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I am not so sure. You may be right but if we did have a national spokesman, the choice is clear: Andrew Breitbart. I know one thing. Since the national rallies have been held, the local protests that we saw last summer have virtually disappeared. I have no idea why we are not in the streets protesting the downfall of our country.

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This article is not meant to endorse defacement of political signs. It is an act of vandalism and this is common (but rarely reported) for elections. It will become an act of civil disobedience if it becomes a common practice to show the country's displeasure with rulers who abuse their elected office.

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I will stand with any church that stands up for the Lord. The problem is that our clergy are a large part of our problems. When we challenge our ministers and pastors to stand up and not hide behind the false 501(C)3 cover, we will see the beginning of our country's restoration.

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So we begin to see that the church is reaping what it has sown. I think that I will go with Jeremiah instead of the false prophets. In other words, we may not like the message but that does not change the peril that our country is facing by listening to our rulers in Washington and Raleigh.

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Are we a Christian Nation or not? Our founding fathers were Christian and our pledge of allegiance states "UNDER GOD". The birth of Jesus is a national holiday. A Socialist government must control the people and the last step to accomplish this is to destroy religion. How can you have the state provide for you from cradle to grave if you trust in the Lord with all thine heart?

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Freedom is not plural: any loss of freedom is slavery. This concept gave us the American Revolution and our independence. Corrupt politicians have stolen our freedom internally but the reality is that We The People have allowed our children to become enslaved.

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I think Michael Moore read the Emancipation Proclamation. We can blame people for our country's collapse or we can hold them accountable for their actions. Mr. Moore's message is that we either have 100% Socialism (slavery) or we are off track.

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Why is the entire state affected? Hans is correct: the line in the sand is being drawn right in front of us.

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You are correct in that it was posted in January but it is still active and the responses are being counted. Real Clear is not a bad source but it would be better if they removed the skewed (outliers) for their numbers. No one would disagree that the Obama administration has failed in reviving our economy. Not only do we have a failed economy, we have a huge debt to repay as an intended consequence.