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I love the use of the phrase "most thinking people" here. Priceless example of the snobbery I mentioned both here and on my blog.

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What's most astounding to me is the way some commentators seem to think that you were wrong to go on the show because MPs are too important to do such things. The snobbery of that opinion is and was incredible

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Am not really defending her per se, rather pointing out how some of the arguments made are crap. If people just said, "I fucking hate the bitch and I don't like her doing this tv show" I would say "fair enough", but some of the things being said seem to be implying that MPs are more important than they actually are.

"She will, however, soon become a "slebrity" ex-MP and make a cushy living on TV sofas, like Portillo, Abbott etc al" >>> don't disagree

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I can, its called a typo you fuckqit[sic]

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I never stopped blogging, was just busy :-)

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err I'm not. I said I was posting neo-Marxist arguments to wind someone up. Learn to read.

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except that would be something different

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I am not sure if another of my comments have been caught in the ether --- nah I'm just lazy :)

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Afraid you suspect wrong. I couldnt give a flying fuck about the irritating shortarse little cunt. I am surprised at you using the logic of casual racism though Bob, after all what political wing the shortarse represents is irrelevant to his fiddling. You wouldnt, if he was black, dream of refering to him as a 'fiddling little black shit' so why use the same style of argument when you know full well that being dodgy is not exclusive to any particular political wing - see expenses jail terms for details.

What i am miffed at is the stretching irrelevancy of much of the Observer investigation.

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"whataboutism, isn't it?"

Far from it, the point is a bit of perspective for those who call for Cameron to quit or think he might. Blair survived far worse allegations and scandal pressure I'd say.