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Hanna, the NRA runs a series in their magazines and probably the web site called "The Armed Citizen" It is reports of citizens defending their homes and lives from all over.

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TOPIC Does anyone know the 4 senators that did not add PORK to the Omnibus Bill? I e-mailed my senator to ask that question and got no response. I'm assuming thats my answer that he was't one of the four!!!!

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I like your idea and agree that it's time for action. Congress will proceed as usual unless somthing BIG gets their attention!!!
Jefferson states that when a government looses the will of the people that we have the right to throw them off and start anew!! I'm all for that, so I agree that we have to do something fast!
Let history stand, that's what the second war for independance was all about, although it has so wrongly been blamed on slavery! Those that believe that need to read factual history for themselves and learn the truth.
Slavery is not dead!!! It now envolves every person in the U.S. We are slaves to the Tyrinical government as the average person looks to them to fix the problems we face, not to their own will and God above!!!!

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To JuliaGulia

Then they ought to tax your make-up! That can cause cancer. That is liberal thinking at it's finest!

You are dead wrong on the estate or (death tax)! This jepordizes every small family farm in America!!! I know, I was forced to sell virgin timber to be able to keep the land that has been in my family for 5 generations. I was fortunate, but I had neighbors that was forced to sell their land and lost their home and livelyhood!!!

Bush increased the limit to help with the promise to eliminate the tax completely. Bet you wouldn't be singing the same song if you were in this position!!! Taxes on property tote the load for most rural counties and states anyhow!!! They don't make any more land!!!

This is the most unjust tax there is!!!

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Does this piss anyone else off? The gov. is providing cell service to welfare recipients paid for with your tax dollars!!1
Check out the site safelinkwireless.com

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To you gbeckhipocracy I feel sorry for you. You have completely missed the boat. By your comments, and you're entitled, you are a perfect example of government brainwashing! Socialism at it's finest! I bet you think it's the governments job to solve all the world's problems.

Maybe you didn't read the intent of this site or just don't understand. Government is out of it's bounds of power under the constitution, has been since Lincoln lead this country astray during his presidentcy under the guise of keeping this country together. The federal gov. has no power other than whats granted to them by the states and the people, and the people have the authority to throw off any gov. that abuses that power!

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Ah, you're on the right tract, except the power to impeach belongs in the hands of the majority of taxpayers! It is impossible to remove an elected official which gives them their whole term to screw things up! If an elected official knows they can be removed from office for poor job performance they might do better. This needs to apply from county level positions all the way up! It's funny that there are rules for them to follow but no recourse against them if they don't. Thats what I call politicians covering their butts. They know they can't be removed from office except on felony charges. If you can't do the job then you need to go!!!