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No, you won't "get Brexit done" tomorrow, not by a long shot.

We will not be sovereign tomorrow and maybe not even in a year, So if you think you can congratulate yourselves, breathe easy and be off the hook you are desperately mistaken.

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There is a professional agent and the officers were/are not councillors but perhaps they are focussed on those aspects with an eye to attain a political position.

I think this is perhaps a key problem, some join a party to further their political position while others join fopr other reasons including a wish to be more involved in the process. The difference is between me-me-me and otherwise.

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I joined the CP for the reasons you outline in your first paragraph, but especially because I wanted to give something back alongside the various volunteering activities I am and have been involved in. I've delivered leaflets and took a more active part during the referendum with leafleting, canvassing and acting as a counting agent.

Beyond that there was no attempt to engage me at all other than try to sell me some raffle tickets and when I contacted chairman and co-chair in the context of specific policy forum topics in which I have material background I was simply ignored, not even the courtesy of a reply email. I resigned from the CP at the start of the year in disgust at the behaviour of Westminster and Whitehall.

I have learned my lesson, the mainstream parties are comfortable in their bubbles and have no wish for wider engagement with an electorate they clearly despise. Membership has no benefits and is solely to provide fodder for leafleting and raffle sales.

Message received and understood, you do not really wish to listen to my concerns or engage in debate, you'd rather pamper to Londoners, hippies and foreign interests so I will take my vote somewhere else, my money elsewhere and my effort will be spent on other things.

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You have it the wrong way round, the SM and CM were created to sucker countries into the political and economic union. Our politcians are useless and so the SM, CM and EU negotiated trade agreements really don't give us much at all.

We are in the EU solely because of politics where nothing else matters at all.

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Having been involved in trade with the customers globally, including the EU, I did not vote on the basis of retaining as much of the existing trade arrangements with the EU as possible. Quite the opposite, I wanted and want no arrangement with the EU that makes their trade with us frictionless nor enables their corporates to take our business and assets.

I voted to leave the EU and for them to become "third countries". I voted for our politicians and civil serpents to have nothing to hide behind.

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You speak for no-one but yourself.

You make the crass assumption I trusted anything any politician promised or offered. I voted to leave the EU pure and simple in part because politicians and civil serpents had been untrustworthy and deceitful, why would I believe any offer they made.

I was convinced we should leave long before the referendum, I was convinced we should not have joined in the first place when I voted "no". The "official" leave group and any promises made no difference.

The referendum question was very simple and the PM committed the government to implement that dedcision, clearly another lie.

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We don't need to ratify the WA to leave. The issue for the EU is they don't want to negotiate post leaving arrangements until we sign the WA, and teh WA isn't leaving but the opposite.

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Don't be silly, the EU dictated and controlled the process, of course they are responsible ... along with their pets in Whitehall and Westminster.

The EU had a choice it could have gone for an amicable separation but chose insted a punishment beating.

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compared to whom?

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You are ascribing motives to me that don't exist.

In any case, quite simply you claimed something that was false and the evidence shows that - they said they would not support leaving the EU despite that being the clear mandate of the referendum.

The issue is that you are unable or unwilling to face reality, either way why should any credence be given to any of your opinions?