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Pelosi would know about fake plastic substances, she sees it everytime she looks in the mirror. Looks like she is reading her reply just like a news reader would, are they getting sneakier with the teleprompter, or does she have to bob her head to help her spew out the speech she memorized?

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Or else Kim Jong Il wanted to learn how to seduce the interns, straight from the master himself!

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What an awesome meeting, I wish I had been there, what energy!

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At least with insurance companies when we have a terrible time we can appeal to them, go to the media, or get a new insurance company. Under government run health care we have no right to appeal, the government would be the final say. Period.

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Or a few dead voters, his dog, Mickey Mouse and all the other fraudulant voters.

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I don't know what they put in the punch at the White House parties, but I have no idea how Geithner and co can be so cool and collected when talking such big dollar figures. What ever it is it must be powerful stuff, or else they have a hidden cave of gold that is going to get our butts out of this mess.

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My rallying cry right now is from John Boener (R-Ohio) courtesy of the auto tune the news video #6
While slapping hand on table, "HELL NO, HELL NO, HELL NOOOOO"
If only someone in the house would actually do that for real!

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The question shouldn't be how you want to die, it should be how you want to live.

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Yeah real friggin busy summer, planning a beer with a cop and a professor, Wednesday night parties at the White House, making buddies with Cuba and Venezuala, "not" bowing to Saudi Kings, phew Mister President after playing with your new doggy B.O. you surely do deserve break, just don't look at me for any more money to pay for it all, I am saving for the power bills I am going to have to pay once crap and trade comes into effect. It must be exhausting spending all that money and watching the pee-ons trying to scrape by. Just a question, can the rest of us go visit Camp David for free seeing as we have no money for our vacations? You see, you spent it, and my kids too, you spent all their money as well, and my grandkids too, that one was pretty clever seeing as my kids are younger than 3, you spent their money as well.

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Way to put it into perspective. We certainly are more important than his dog, although with ACORN his dog probably gets 50 votes and other Americans get one each if they are lucky and they make it to the count