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"I like pretending to be someone joyful and free, someone who trusts almost too easily. Maybe I like fooling them; definitely I like fooling myself. When they’re in my apartment, though, I want them to leave. But, I guess, I also want something else. I want them to not hurt me. I want them, one after the other, to not hurt me and not hurt me and not hurt me and finally to prove, by collectively not hurting me – by some kind of miracle of aggregated nonviolent ordinariness – the following: That no one has ever hurt me or could ever hurt me, because that’s just Not A Thing That Happens."

too real in the best most heartbreaking way. [[rape survivor]]

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I am now looking up how to report a 3-year-old rape at my University (publicly under Title IX investigation!). I didn't report then because I just wanted to graduate and move away and he was graduating too so what was the point?

The point, as I keep trying to believe, is that it happened and it was real and I want to be a number on a page now. A number that means yes, it happened, it happened here.

Thank you.

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1. Severus Snape/Lucius Malfoy school-era fic, 10th grade. I got one chapter in that was largely descriptions of Alan Rickman's imagined schoolboy sneer and flowing robes and then got embarrassed and threw the notebook away.

2. Ginny/Hermione semi-smut and agonizing coming out feelings. Just after coming out myself.

3. Alex Cabot/Olivia Benson (of Law and Order: SVU) smut drabbles - began at least 3, one of them kinky. These are still saved as drafts on my Tumblr. They're still my OTP but er, I can't write worth a damn so...I leave it up to the pros.

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In 14 words you have perfectly summarized everything terrible about The Marriage Plot ; thank you for your service

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BLESS. Well read ladies who like English fiction are supposed to like Hardy and I will never ever be over my hatred of Tess. EVER.

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I have so much law and order SVU femslash to rec for you, let me tell ya. (please, someone, give me an excuse)

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In aggregate, I have spent approximately a year of my life reading and re-reading Cabenson fanfiction and watching the show. Thank god for Ralst and later iterations, although it did make it rather difficult to finish my senior thesis in college.

I think I've read pretty much every fic that people would rate 4 or 5 stars; I welcome challenges to this or requests. As I'm not talented enough to write it myself, dissemination of Cabenson goodness will just have to be my fandom contribution.

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This is my ideal Magic environment, for real. I will never be interested in 1. devoting the necessary resources to be great 2. spend another gotdamn minute in a game shop than i have to (creepy middle school experiences = scarring) 3. playing entirely sober. But I wish it was a thing you could casually do at a pub, you know, sit around with your deck out and someone would be like "let's have a go!" and then you'd consider it a win if you didn't spill beer on your cards.

Booster drafts seem to be the easiest way to have a casual game, but that requires entering aforementioned extremely creepy game shops.