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Wrestlefan614 - A stand up bass, also known as a double bass stands about 6 feet tall. You can use either a bow or fingers to play it. A cello is about 4 feet high with a body that is maybe 3/4 wide and 1/2 as deep as the double bass and generally only uses a bow to play. (Your word for the day is "pizzicato.") And I doubt that you will see many of either of them smashed cause those tend to be expensive. Unlike $50 guitars that are plentiful.

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Heyman's completely improvised spur of the moment promo there was better than anybody else's who had time to think one out and/or a script to memorize. No better talker anywhere.

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StrikeFarce - Madusa had knee replacement surgery in early December. I kinda doubt that we'll see her in The Rumble.
So what are we up to now? 14 unannounced women?

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My local news radio station reported on this in their sports segments throughout the day. All of the reporters trashed the idea. One called Vince "a clown". I don't see how this has a ghost of a chance to even get off the ground. Far too many hurdles.

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Deadpooolio - Two things. One, an employer can fire an employee at almost any time for almost any reason. One of the few things they can't do is fire someone while they are out on medical leave. Two, WWE in-ring performers are NOT employees. They are independent contractors. There is wording in the actual contracts that they sign that allows either side to terminate the contract at any time for any reason. Otherwise it would be slavery.

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I_Just_Farted - I guess that you hadn't heard. Bret has been dealing with problems with one of his hands for years. It's like carpal tunnel syndrome to the extreme and the only "cure" is to fuse the wrist bones. He had that done but they botched the surgery leaving him with a couple of numb fingers and a hand that doesn't work. I would say that seeing this surgeon is more important than being on RAW for 30 seconds.

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LennyLane - Yes, back in the day, some wrestlers did use steroids to heal faster. Steroids are the best at being anti-inflammatory due to muscle damage. Bret Hart talked all about that in his (quite excellent if you ask me) autobiography. Then again, this would indicate that Reigns actually works hard in the ring, which I have trouble believing.

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Stupid stupid stupid

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I didn't think that Candice LeRae performed all that well in the MYC. Then again, she beat one of my favorites Nicole Savoy in a weak match. However, I do think that Miss LeRae is better than Shayna Baszler but that ain't saying much.

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Entertaining column. Thanks. Fantasy indeed. I do agree with Asuka winning, though.

Sorry to be a spoiled sport here but I prefer my fantasy having a chance of coming true. I seriously doubt that Lita and Santino would ever pass the needed physicals due to their neck issues. Kharma would be Awesome there, but her GLOW contract may be an issue. Trish and Beth Phoenix are too long retired, just like Molly Holly even though you did not include her. They would be all dangerous in the ring, both to themselves and others. Ronda Rousey, well she should know that the WWE needs her more than she needs them. Can they pay her enough to do this with the injury risk from anyone wanting to "teach her a lesson"? Paige, not going to happen. The reports on her are too serious to be a work.

Ember Moon and Kari Sane are great additions from NXT. Maybe a few other of their top women too. Still actively wrestling are Victoria and Katie Lea. They would certainly be in any of my fantasy bookings. And we shouldn't forget NXT trainer Sara del Rey.