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This vasectomy "news" tops my list of wtf things I've ever heard out of the WWE. You get a vasectomy when you want to have lots of sex and no kids period. Reversing them is hit and miss and not to be counted on to work.

And geez, don't you think that this would have been brought up before, like when they first talked about having kids.

Nikki - "I want kids"
Cena - "No can do. Vasectomy"
Nikki - "oh"

This is just one more thing to make me believe that Cena and Nikki is a complete work.

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Same here. One of those things that I wish that I could un-see.

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I guess that it's the left one that ruptured. I wonder how they're working around that. And that she has no hips. And that she has a flat behind..

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HailMingHail - It's not feeding him to Bryan. It's Bryan getting him over and carrying him to a good match. Or trying to anyway.

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I was just offering up an additional bit of information. No more, no less.

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MASTER_VADER - I certainly think that Sonya Deville is pretty. Umm, you know that she is openly gay, right?

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TypeItInMaan - I am far older than 30-something. Old enough to have seen Hoak Hogan's entire time in WWE and WCW. Personally I thought he was stale 6 months in. Like XChaosX said, his matches were all the same and had very few real moves. His promos were all the same too. He just changed who they were directed to. I never could stand him.

Hogan was kept at the top purely for marketing reasons. Specifically marketing to kids. And he stood on a lot of amazing talent to stay at the top.

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I tried to listen to Prichard's podcast a few times and I just find him annoying. It's like Mick Foley's first few books - you can't be open and completely honest AND be in the WWE's pocket.

Slam me all you want but I love listening to Cornette. Thankfully I can get over every other word being profane.

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Umm, I think that it's more like Miz' promos are sometimes better since he went off on DB at Talking Smack.

Personally, I think that the reason DB's promos are so good lately is that he doesn't have to hold anything back for once. His contract is up in a few months (August I think). With the new television deals, the WWE needs DB more than he needs them.

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Doctorosmile - I LOVED that line! Was that a little bit of thuganomics there?