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Gilgalad75 - He said TECHNICAL wrestlers, so you may want to re-think your comment. In my book, Bret Hart is the only one in your list who is a Top 10 technical wrestler. And two on that list (who I won't mention) are among the worst at real wrestling skill I have ever seen. But yeah all of them put butts in seats in their day.

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TheSwissOne - I am a big fan of Lisa Marie Varon, However, she did do something that probably still ticks Vince off. She did far better in TNA than she ever did in the WWE. In The WWE, basically all she did was put over lesser talented women.

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michiganj24 - Umm, "Bad Reputation" for Ronda Rousey

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Becky Lynch - Like Daniel Bryan they can try to turn her heel but it just won't work.

Jacked Cena - Yeah my first thought was 'roids too but then I remembered the key for telling if someone was on them. Look at his face, specifically his cheeks. Cena's are almost sunken from lack of body fat under them. Steroids makes your cheeks puffy and your face look fat.. As an example. look at pictures of young Scott Steiner and compare them to "Big Poppa Pump". Huge difference.

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I can think of one good reason for the WWE to keep Paul Heyman under contract for a long long time. So nobody else signs him and makes their product instantly viable.

Heyman has many other projects and likely a sweet contract giving him some level of creative control so he likely has approval of who his next "client" would be. I doubt if it would be more than one person. And I doubt if it would be Ronda Rousey. She's doing just fine on the mic by herself.

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USNSSaturn - Hopefully they made them even anyway. One will still be higher than the other and she still won't have hips or a behind.

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Absolutely brilliant column Tito. So many nails hit square on the head. Thank you for addressing this issue in your intelligent and logical manner. And yeah the fault lies with Vince and Steph for propagating this fallacy.

I wonder if the WWE pays for enhancement surgery. Certainly they would have to approve it ahead of time. I bet that they arrange it at least. That would be extremely interesting to know.

Something I noticed. One of the most talented women in the WWE ever, Lita, appears to have had her “enhancements” removed. I think that she looks great now. And personally I think that A.J. Lee is one of the sexiest women ever to step into a wrestling ring.

As for me, I have known a number of women with breast enhancements. One I dated had no feeling in them. What good is that? And two other women developed breast cancer when they were in their 50’s. The implants hid detection so the subsequent treatment was not easy. A few of the many reasons as to why I am personally not a fan of enhanced breasts.

Anyway, keep up the great work, Tito.

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Akeem_Anderson - In my opinion, the only thing that you got right there is that The Miz got himself over at Daniel's expense. Miz was pretty much irrelevant until he was tasked with mentoring the much more talented and experienced DB.

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Well when you consider that at least 24 of the 32 are basically jobbers out there to make the few the WWE really wants to showcase then yeah a veteran who would never get a contract goes out in round 1. Sad but true. Whoever gets to the finals will be there because Vince thinks he can get something out of them like friends of theirs.(cough Shayna Baszler cough)

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JayKay01 - A 90-day no-compete clause may or may not be in DB's contract. We don't know. Otherwise I may be wrong but I think the 90-day clause only applies if somebody is released from their contract or quits. So if there is no clause in DB's contract, he will be free and clear the day it's done.