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Entertaining column. Thanks. Fantasy indeed. I do agree with Asuka winning, though.

Sorry to be a spoiled sport here but I prefer my fantasy having a chance of coming true. I seriously doubt that Lita and Santino would ever pass the needed physicals due to their neck issues. Kharma would be Awesome there, but her GLOW contract may be an issue. Trish and Beth Phoenix are too long retired, just like Molly Holly even though you did not include her. They would be all dangerous in the ring, both to themselves and others. Ronda Rousey, well she should know that the WWE needs her more than she needs them. Can they pay her enough to do this with the injury risk from anyone wanting to "teach her a lesson"? Paige, not going to happen. The reports on her are too serious to be a work.

Ember Moon and Kari Sane are great additions from NXT. Maybe a few other of their top women too. Still actively wrestling are Victoria and Katie Lea. They would certainly be in any of my fantasy bookings. And we shouldn't forget NXT trainer Sara del Rey.

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Regardless of the former WWE women wrestlers I/we would love to see in the Royal Rumble, there is one thing to consider. Who is still active and can still go safely in the ring and hasn't had their bridges burned away. Remember, this may be over the top to eliminate. No small feat for someone extremely rusty.
Lisa Marie Varon (aka Victoria)
Katarina Waters (aka Katie Lea) - Yep y'all forgot about her. Still working. Still looking hot.
Kia Stevens (aka. Kharma, Awesome Kong). Her GLOW contract could prevent this though.

Supposedly Kaitlyn is training for a return. However, she can't see her feet any more, if you know what I mean. I would not be surprised to see her there since they're going to be scraping the barrel for anyone who can work safely.

Lita retired about 10 years ago. I think that her neck problems will keep her retired.

I hope that they fill it out with women from NXT. At least they should be able to work and bump. I wonder if they'll stick Shayna Baszler in there, even though she's as green as grass and awfully fugly?

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MachoKing2012 - THAT made me laugh! Great line. Thank you.

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Likely from the 1984 movie "Revenge of the Nerds". A number of times in the movie, the (heel) college jocks would shout "NERDS" at the (face) geeky, skinny, smart guys. Good movie.

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"can someone show me a "great" match involving Natalya?" Go to that video site that I don't think I can name here and do a search for Nattie Neidhart vs Amazing Kong. It took place in Japan probably 10 years ago. Yeah pretty much before the WWE ruined her.

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The Riott Squad. Much better name than, uh, what did Paige and the two new ones call themselves on RAW? I forgot already. Helps to use common words, WWE.

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Some people should just never become parents. I know plenty of them.
I feel sorry for the kid. Raised by nannies and never really knowing one or both parent.

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WrestlingsJesus - I beg to differ.

One of the insider things I know about the wrestling biz is that you absolutely have to leave your ego in the locker room. I see this as two people who are paid by the WWE to perform a function in a specific manner. In this instance, Zayn and KO did not complete their task as they were specifically instructed to do, period. They deserved these punitive measures.

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mikemaniaci1994 - Orton became champion in 2004. 13 years ago. And he has yet to do anything interesting in my book. Maybe it's because I'm old enough to remember his father wrestling and I thought that he was pathetic.

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Stu Hart was her grandfather. She was trained in the Hart dungeon. Good enough for me.