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The full Toast (one for each day of the week):

Our ships at sea.
Our sailors.
A bloody war or a sickly season.
A willing foe and sea room.
Our families.
Absent friends.

See ya'll on the other side (the slack).

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Too Witches !

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I almost obsessively played a game called the Yukon Trail, which is only kinda like the Oregon trail but your goal is to get gold in the Yukon by picking a claim and hiking there from Seattle. There's rivers and avalanches and two of the four characters were GIRLS, one of which was Native American and just fantastic!

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From that perspective I can understand giving the dog to the co-worker out of necessity and not malice, but why has she refused to give the dog back now that the mother is home? It's obviously a huge sour point in their relationship, one that she has control over to fix but refuses to do so. Obviously there's always more going on than what fits in a letter!

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I'm tall too and suggest Old Navy tall and Loft tall. The Loft actually has some cute flowy maxi skirts right now too!

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I think Mean Girls did a great inversion of it - Caddy dressed in a legit scary costume while all the other girls were sexy animals.

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Me too! I wanted to comment immediately on how much I'm terrified of them but i couldn't make it to the article. I can barely look at them. I pretend that article does not exist.

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I was one of those people with mono who are mis-diagnosed with strep throat and given amoxicillin and then break out in a body wide rash of itchy welts for weeks. It was awful and I would stand in a shower and cry because it was the only thing that sorta made the itching better. I was entirely pink on my legs and stomach for weeks and weeks.

I totally understand scratching it until it hurts because hurting is much much better and let me sleep. I never want to go through that again.

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Dang, I am in a Sci/Fi and Fantasy book club and it's basically perfectly balanced between male and female attendees & subject matter/book choices! It's not that hard! Why would people join a book club that wouldn't expand their interests or stretch beyond what they always read? Sounds so boring.