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Sorry to say that I have deactivated Intense Debate for now on my WordPress blog.

Lots of issues that can be better addressed by changing my theme to take advantage of ver 2.7 features.

I will keep watching and and may reactivate at some time in the future. Happy New Year from NZ.

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Message <DIV>spam</DIV> <DIV></DIV> <DIV>

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After more testing re threaded comments in different themes it looks like many of them will need to be modified. Please also check under Settings, Discussion and see if the Enable threaded (nested) comments setting has been activated.

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Adding a reply like this locks the original comment. My point was that people need to know this is going to happen. It still appears to be vague after a few weeks.

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Have also emailed through a series of screenshots so hope that helps - should say above that Opera 9.62 has the same bug or display issue. The screenshots are for FF and Opera only. Also sent a screenshot of the reply by email error.

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Re number 1

Its the difference between


and the updated true part - even when there is no actual change.

and wp-admin/options-general.php?page=id_settings&updated=true

Doing a save settings works on both Safari on the MAc and Firefox on the PC, just about to test Opera 9.6.2 on the PC and same results. The problem is "fixed by doing a save settings refresh on all three browsers.

Getting this part fixed will make life easier. Hope you can use this info.

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1. Iframe sound straight forward to fix so that is probably the issue.

There are issues with the ID settings page not displaying correctly and I try to do some screengrabs. If I change the settings (almost at random) and then save and refresh the settings will often scroll right across the screen as they should other wise they et reduced to a column of about 250 px which I susspect is also an iframe issue. (Should be closer to 600px which sometimes it does show as.) Hitting save even if there is no change seems to fix this so a clue is something to do with the different sizes in display of default settings vs the save settings screen.

2. http://www.dialogcrm.com/blog/2008/12/01/wordcamp...show sonly 6 comments when there are at least 10. but they only display when enhanced comments is selected. I really want those other 4 comments to sync back to the blog - but can't see any way to do this.
3. Wouldn't it be good to keep a tally of particular email clients that don't work. Mine was an old copy of Outlook 2002 for PC. probably not worth fixing but better to know not to try the rely by email on that clients upfront.
Thanks for making specific cross-links between features and FAQ as I expect that feature is key USP.
4. Examples are above. BUt in the top right sidebar of most themes is a recent comments widget that displays the last 15 comments. It won't display those becuase it would have to sync back to the ID comments which it seems like there is no way of doing.
5. Firefox is 3.0.4 on PC running windows XP

Really my main objective is to main purpose is to get threaded comments working but at present not usable.

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Also even on the default theme on 2.7 with the comments menu open / using ehanced comment moderation I still have a approx 250 px gap between left hand menus and the comments list.

There also still seem to be comments on ID only and I will try to export them back to the blog somehow.

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I have also checked my settings against other themes including the default one and it seems like ver 2.7 and the current ID plugin have some issues. will email a screenshot when I get a chance.
Note: it seems to be when the standard moderation is ticked that this happens. When I change to enhanced ID moderation I can see the instructions and the options (at least on Safari and the Wp standard default template.)

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I have also been using ID with beta versions of WordPress 2.7. and now on full release version.

1. The ID settings page does not display correctly in latest versions of Opera or Firefox on the PC or even in latest Safari on the Mac. (Granted it could be my theme but It was better on the betas with the same settings and same theme.)

2. I really want to sync comments back to the blog and there seems to be no way to do this. Have tried but I just can't really understand the settings or see instructions that make any sense. I have been trying to get better over the past 3 weeks and support has been helpful but so far no real progress.

3. Reply by email doesn't work with some versions of the Outlook client. I've tested it a few times and end up having to edit those replies back on the site. It inserts markup code and while I know there is some tip for using iend to stop posting the email signature - that note is too hard to find (its over at http://www.intensedebate.com/faq#li28) The FAQ should be updated and linked back to the features page http://www.intensedebate.com/featuresat the relevant sections. Even just the note about using iend would save a lot of frustration.

4. Because comments don't seem to sync back to the blog they also don't show up in the comment count at the foot of each post or in the sidebar comments widgets.

Last but not least. I had to make 3 attempts to get these comments posted. Using ID on my PC with Firefox is like like trying to use a PC in safe mode. It only happens with Intense Debate and latency or what ever is causing the JavaScript slowness is impossible to use.

At this point I'll be recommending my clients and friends wait a few more months before using ID as it is simply too complex.